Quick Tips to Remember While Preparing For HCS Exam

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The HCS exam is a prestigious exam conducted annually, with lakhs of aspirants taking up the challenge. But don’t fret! We at Abhipedia present you with a set of unbeatable tactics, including a chief List of Questions that will make your preparation a cakewalk.  


A brief introduction to HCS


The HCS (Haryana Public Service) Exam is conducted annually by the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) for the purpose of recruiting candidates for Civil Services. As is already known to us, Civil Servants are the cornerstone of a parliamentary form of Government. 


Thus, only the best come out with flying colors. At Abhipedia, we acknowledge the Marking scheme for the HCS Exam and provide every aspirant with guidelines that are sure to bear fruit once coupled with hard work.


A dosage of motivation before you decide to embark on the uphill journey:


It is not unknown to us how the Haryana Civil Service Examination is no child’s play and demands months and months’ worth of undiluted devotion. You will have to mold your lifestyle and daily routine according to the syllabus of the exam. The Haryana Civil Service is a white-collar job that promises guaranteed power and reverence in enormity that comes with irreversible job security.


 Along with relentless reverence, attaining the rank of an HCS officer also promises a plethora of benefits, some of them being medical allowances, reimbursement of all kinds of domestic bills (water, phone, electricity, etc.), dearness allowance, and house rent allowance. The perks are rewards for the overbearing responsibilities as the Permanent Executive. 


This makes it quite lucrative; while there are over a million applicants every year, only one-hundredth of the number qualifies for the mains. The recommended preparation time for every aspirant is about 12-14 months long, with an average of 5 hours of studying daily so that the vast syllabus does not seem too overbearing.


How can you go about with the HCS exam syllabus?


Although memorization plays a significant role, rote learning is an absolute no-no because it never serves the purpose of accumulated knowledge, which is precisely what the preparation demands. Sufficient time should be spent clarifying the concepts so that the knowledge is deep-set in your cognitive reasoning.


While topics pertaining to History, Geography, Political Science, General Knowledge, and Current Affairs require memorizing facts and events, most of the topics, especially in Paper II of Prelims ( Data Interpretation, General Science, Logical and Analytical Ability, Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills) that go beyond learning by heart. It is not enough to know the formulae but also the various ways to implement them depending on the question asked. 


It is very much necessary to acknowledge the extensiveness of the HCS syllabus as it encompasses every discipline to sieve out a perfect candidate who has a thorough understanding of every matter of importance. Abhipedia provides aspirants with Solved Previous Years Papers that enable them to assess their own progress regarding preparation for the exam. 


Strategies to prepare for the Prelims as well as the Mains 


The first step before you begin the challenging journey is to make sure that your zeal and motivation do not falter. Consistency is critical- and the same routine has to be performed over and over again until your foundation is impeccable. The detailed discussion on Abhipedia regarding the HCS Pre-Exam Syllabus will further help every aspirant familiarize themselves with the scope of the syllabus.


Back to Basics


You cannot create a tower with a shaky foundation. The bulk of the question paper (200 marks for the qualifying Prelims and 400 marks for Mains) consists of a holistic, cumulative knowledge that one has familiarized themselves with throughout their academic life in school. Abhipedia takes into account the HCS Pre-Exam Pattern and assorts the different subjects into functional compartments to facilitate hassle-free absorption of information. 


 NCERT books are great ways to kickstart the journey to prepare for the exam as they are simplified and cover the basics of all subjects concisely. Textbooks from classes 6 to 12 covering relevant subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and Science come in handy during preparations. 


The habit of reading newspapers daily


The habit of religiously reading newspapers right from the first page to the last is a game-changer in your preparation strategy. Current affairs - regional, national and international in importance are covered so that candidates are enriched with a comprehensive understanding of an all-encompassing vista.


 The editorial section of a newspaper unwraps insightful opinions of experts, professors, ministers, entrepreneurs, and other eminent personalities so that the candidate can garner an exhaustive approach to various issues.


Current Affairs


A firm grip on the dynamism of current affairs is imperative. Endless sources are adding to what seems like infinite information to cover in the first place. The trick is to limit the number of sources and stick to an English newspaper, All India Radio, and the Internet. 


Extracting the background/origin of the issue in the news is another long-term strategy that helps you attain a clear picture of the scenario. Revising a weekly/monthly compilation of news may seem to be biting off more than you can chew, but this procedure is a bullet-proof idea to maximize information retention.


Writing prowess


Essays and comprehension form a crucial part, both in English and Hindi (Devnagri script), to assess the candidate’s ability to simplify meandering passages and present his stream of thoughts and ideas in total clarity. After all, language is the medium of communication; opinions, views, and ideas should always be appropriately conveyed.


 Essays can be written in both languages once a week to help you get comfortable with an array of topics that encompass relevant social issues. There are a host of multi-disciplinary essay topics pertaining to the religious, criminal, economic, and political arenas. You will also increase your pace and save a lot of time through practice. 


Making compact and handy notes


Especially useful during last-minute revisions, condensing extensive notes into one-word or one-sentence long answers is a great mental exercise as it propels you into recollecting the actual matter. You could choose to make bullet points or have a compilation of post-it notes. Topics should be compiled in a way that makes it quick for you to recall whatever you have learned. 


Solving Mock Papers for Prelims 


The objective-type questions in Prelims carry one mark for each correct answer, and ? of a mark is deducted for every wrong one. Being the stepping stone to sit for the Mains, getting all the answers correct is very important. Abhipedia has procured a bounty of HCS Mock Test Papers that cover various facets of the HCS syllabus.


Revision and Self-Analysis


Yes, there are amazing success stories where aspirants crack the HCS exam after multiple trials, but the candidate’s focus should be to go all in and attempt his level best in the very first trial. Revision is the key to understanding how far you are able to retain the information. 


Setting small milestones and reviewing your progress for the day, the whole week, the month, and so on will enable you to get your time’s worth by imbuing everything you have spent so much time learning. 


Tricks to boost your memory


There are several ways to accomplish short-term goals by mugging up a specific extract and forgetting about it altogether once the exam is through. For this very reason, the average person hardly retains most of what they have learned during middle school or high school (unless they have specialized in a particular discipline later on). Focusing your attention by trying your best to eradicate distractions is the first step to absorbing information.


Mnemonic devices


Association of newly gathered information or facts with the ones you are already familiar with is beneficial; syncing two different pieces of information creates greater chances of recalling it.


Grouping and compartmentalizing


Grouping together similar topics and making personalized, comprehensive notes help you grasp the concept better.


Switching up your study pattern


Sometimes a divergence from the usual timing and place of study is seen to be refreshing, and the novelty or change can perk up the energy levels. 


Sleep and rest


Although we are all accustomed to pulling all-nighters at least once in our lives as students, the strategy is effective only until the exam the morning after. Despite the extensive study hours being put in over months, it all boils down to nothing if there is no cumulation of knowledge. Information gathered can be stored in the long-term memory much better when the body receives optimal rest and sleep.




The HCS Exam is highly competitive, and the sheer volume of the syllabus is formidable indeed, but there is no reason to feel daunted. Chalking out the correct strategies, coupled with uncompromised hard work, will definitely bear fruit for every aspirant.


Abhipedia has been churning out toppers in the HCS exam since its very inception. One of the edges that the aspirants have when they are enrolled for the HCS online exam preparation at Abhipedia is the presence of a highly experienced and brilliant panel of teachers. They help the aspirants with their exam preparation and revision and equip them with strategies to tackle the syllabus smartly. 


Along with these, the students get access to premium mentorship and strategy lectures conducted by mentors who have been a part of this ecosystem for decades. All in all, Abhipedia will encourage you to go and give your best in the HCS exam and come out with flying colors!

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