Quick and Simple Ways for Apple MacBook Pro Repair

by Jasbir Kaur Digital Marketing Executive

Apple has been at the top of the game for quite some time now. Be it delivering new and innovative products and services, growing the business, or creating new job options; Apple is always one step ahead of the competition. 

The MacBook Pro is one of the best laptop ranges provided by Apple. It is equipped with a Touch Bar, a multi-touch empowered OLED strip incorporated on top of the keyboard in place of function keys. It also comes with a sapphire-glass Touch ID sensor at the end of the Touch Bar, which serves as a power button. Moreover, Apple also launched MacBook Pro models without the Touch Bar option as well. Apple as a company has achieved trust in customers by providing the best products in the market ranging from iPods, iPads, and two MacBooks. The belief is due to the high quality of products they offer and the service provided in case of any problem. The service centers are stretched all over the world. Hence, the skilled staff, who very well understand the internal functionality of the device, can repair a MacBook easily.


Apple is the best because:


·       People, who create it, want to use it themselves

·       Products are easy to use

·       Offers excellent customer service

·       Apple stays at least two years ahead of its competitors

Apple's ecosystem is key to its success

iTunes, the App Store iOS, macOS, Apple TV, Siri, and Home all tie together


Features that Apple offers which any other products can’t provide

Better integration between hardware and software

Only Apple is a company that makes both operating systems as well as the device, i.e., Laptop unlike other products available in the market such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc. In these laptops, the software, which is installed, is generally of Microsoft. Therefore, apple exactly knows what software to make for the best functionality of the device.


Superior Built quality

All Apple MacBooks are made using a single aluminum sheet with no joints. Aluminum provides lightness as well as strength, giving a smart look to the device.


Brilliant Displays

MacBooks retina displays are breathtakingly beautiful. In fact, they offer almost two million more pixels than a standard Full HD television display. Moreover, with the upgraded software, the pixel scaling approach, which allows all Retina-compatible applications to take full use of the sharpness without a reduction in the screen real estate? This is the most common problem encountered in almost all high-resolution windows displays. 


No compromise on performance

Although the chipsets used by Apple are powered by Intel, they use the best quality of the chips to ensure the fastest speed of operation.


Flash Storage Performance

All MacBooks are equipped with a PCI-e SSD storage option, whereas other windows laptops are powered by SSD which has the conventional m-SATA connector. Therefore, the PCI-e SSD offers a 1.6 times faster speed of reading/writing as compared to regular windows laptops.


Battery Backup

Apple MacBooks are famous for their battery performance, which even gets better with efficient Haswell chipsets from Intel, SSD, and Mac OS X's advanced energy-saving features. 


Problems arousing a need for MacBook Pro repair

·        The MacBook  that won’t turn on

·        MacBook that won’t startup

·        If you see a gray/blue screen at startup

·        Disk Utility Issue

·        MacBook that won’t shut down

·        MacBook is running slowly

·        Wi-Fi is slow or not working

·        Bluetooth isn’t working

·        MacBook is not charging

·        MacBook is running out of power too quickly

·        MacBook Pro Heating problems

·        The trackpad and keyboard don't work

·        Battery not working fine

·        Bad power adapter

·        Faulty Logic Board


MacBook Pro repair is easy!

Although all Apple devices are made to meet perfection, if some problems persist, then Apple provides various good support and service options. For all the devices, they offer 90 days of phone support and one year of warranty. Some Apple Authorized Service Providers can also help with any MacBook pro repair issues. You can get many MacBook pro-related issues on various websites available. Select your problem area and click on it. After clicking on your MacBook pro repair option, you will be directed to a page showing the step-by-step procedure to resolve the issue. They also include video tutorials for a maximum of the MacBook pro repair needs.

If you are from New Delhi NCR and Would Like to repair your MacBook Air or Pro then you can visit our Apple service center for instant support

MacBook Pro repair can be done with the help of a service provided by an authorized service provider. The request for service can be raised by setting up an appointment at an apple authorized service provider by informing your apple id. One can even check the status of duty online depending on where one gets service done. If the MacBook Pro is repaired under warranty or has an apple care protection plan, then no charge for the service will be made. Otherwise, the charge for MacBook pro repair depends on the type of problem detected. One can even ask for an estimate. Before giving MacBook Pro for repair, data backup must be taken beforehand.

What activities can void your MacBook pro from repair?

Mac's One-Year Limited Warranty for MacBook Pro prohibits coverage for damage because of various incidents, including accident, fluid spill or submersion, and unauthorized service. If the harm is outside the scope of the guarantee, local AASP will do the MacBook Pro repair, yet all administration charges will be your obligation.  MacBook Pro Repair service that has encountered calamitous harm, for instance, extends fluid damage or an extreme impact that outcomes in the item being dismantled into numerous pieces, is not available for service.

MacBook Pro repair Process

There are two options for a MacBook pro repair. One of them is Carry on, and the other option is Mail-in.

Carry on

In this process, one needs to take the MacBook Pro to the Apple retail store or service provider. Then a diagnostic test will be done on the MacBook Pro to check whether it is viable to repair it under warranty or not. Then, as per the test result, the MacBook pro repair time will be decided by the type of fault recognized. And then, time will be given for the pickup of the MacBook pro depending on the availability of the parts if needed.


With this option of MacBook pro repair, a letter is written to apple to send you a postage-paid box, so that one can send the MacBook pro for repair. After the MacBook Pro is received at the service center, a diagnostic test will be done on the device, which will check whether it is viable to repair it under warranty, or not. After the diagnostic test, a stipulated time will be allotted for its service. It takes five to seven days for a MacBook Pro to be repaired. After the service is complete, and the MacBook Pro is running fine, the device will be mailed back to the customer.

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