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Kidneys are one of the essential organs of the human anatomy that handle many jobs simultaneously. However, what happens if one or both kidneys become shrink in size. Generally, kidneys are of your fist size; each is about 4 or 5 inches long. Decrement in the size of the kidneys is known as kidney shrinkage or kidney Atrophy. In simple words, the kidney's size is abnormal. This abnormality of kidneys can happen due to two primary reasons:

1.     The kidneys do not develop from birth resulting in a small kidney, known as a congenital problem. Usually, this type of atrophic kidney condition does not need any special treatment.

2.     The second type of kidney atrophy happens due to decreased blood supply to the kidneys, disrupting their working units. It happens post-birth in one or both kidneys.

A kidney that is not normal in size may not perform like a regular one causing a disturbance in the body's functioning. A significant decrease in the kidneys' size can lead to chronic kidney disease and acute kidney failure. Chronic infections and kidney blockage can also cause kidney atrophy.


Healthy kidneys can purify a half cup of blood every minute. However, a diminution in kidneys' size can result in an imbalance of the whole system as kidneys maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Without this balance, the whole body will not respond typically.

However, atrophic kidneys can also play a role in breaking the kidney's functional ability. However, you can alleviate the disease power with Ayurvedic kidney shrinkage treatment. Ayurveda deals with the natural elements of medications which helps and guarantees the curative treatment of the disease.

The primary thing that you should keep in mind is that it is complicated to experience any signs and symptoms due to the kidneys' highly adaptive nature in earlier stages.

Therefore, these are some signs and symptoms of atrophic kidneys: 

      Experiencing pain during urination

      Abdominal and back pain

      Blood in urine

      Urinating multiple times, which is not normal


      Loss of appetite

      Itchy skin

      General discomfort in the kidney area

      Muscle cramps

      Swelling in hands and feet's

What causes kidney atrophy?

As we discussed in the beginning, there are two primary reasons for an atrophic kidney, but this condition can also arise for many reasons. Such causes are discussed below:

      Congenital dysplasia states that the kidney is abnormal in size from birth or never grew with the rest of the body.

      Reflux Nephropathy is a condition that affects both kidneys. In simple words, kidneys are damaged due to a faulty drainage system. It is mainly detected in young adults.

      Acute pyelonephritis is a severe kidney infection that affects the kidney's functioning so much that it shrinks.

      Renal artery stenosis is a condition that is common in old-age people—the starvation of blood in kidneys due to narrowed arteries causing kidneys to shrink.

      Kidney stones: no treatment in kidney stones can lead to kidney blockage. 


      Heart disease


Such causes will never arise if you are undergoing a healthy lifestyle by including a balanced diet and exercise in your routine. In case you have kidney shrinkage problems, take Ayurvedic kidney shrinkage treatment.

Merits of Ayurvedic kidney shrinkage treatment -

Ayurveda has answered all the complications of a patient suffering from the atrophic kidney by introducing a guaranteed treatment that helps the patients to breathe a sigh of relief. Ayurveda believes in treating the problem from the core. Ayurvedic medications are bound to boost your sleeping immunity without any use of allopathic medications and painful treatments. Allopathic medications only give you relief for a short amount of time, while Ayurvedic medications believe in getting your health state back on track naturally. Ayurvedic kidney shrinkage treatment is herb-based medications and curates custom diet charts and natural healing. 

      Most prominent choices that you can make to procure a healthy lifestyle.

      By lowering your sodium intake.

      Do not take excess protein.

      Intake those foods only that are recommended in your Ayurvedic kidney shrinkage treatment. 

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