Provisions Taken by the Hotels near Vadodara Railway Station for Waste Management

by Manish Kumar Marketing Head

Staying at any 3-star or 5-star hotel throughout the world is all about making the most of the amenities provided by the hotel. The hospitality industry takes special care of all their guests. This is the reason a person rarely complains about his/her stay at the best of the hotels. The amenities provided by the hotel are not only restricted to comfortable guest rooms or clean bathrooms but many more. These amenities also include a good food-quality at the restaurants of these hotels. Consequently, people make the most of the dining culture of the hotels near Vadodara Railway Station and enjoy a fine gastronomic experience.

All the 3-star hotels in Vadodara serve lip-smacking meals to their guests during their complimentary breakfast and even at the restaurants of these hotels. However, do you know that the majority of food gets wasted as well? The guests usually fill their plates with many dishes, particularly at the time of buffet which increases the quantity of the wasted food even more.

The hotels near Vadodara Railway Station are no immune to the issue of food waste. Only a bit more than half of the food which hotels serve in a buffet is actually eaten by the guests. Apart from the increase in waste, this factor also hurt the slim profit margins of the food-service industry. Thus, a waste management system is a must for all these hotels where the food is not wasted in the first place and is treated properly by the staff.

Following are the provisions taken by the 3-star hotels in Vadodara near Railway Station and many other places for proper waste management:

  • Food waste audit

The two major factors which need to be taken into account when tracking the total food waste in any hotel are how much food is getting wasted and how many people are visiting the restaurant in the hotel. This factor gives the staff a better idea of the biggest source of food waste in the hotel. The 3-star hotels in Vadodara conduct this food waste audit at regular intervals to track the statistics. A food log system is maintained by the staff of these hotels which tracks the amount of food that is thrown out and the reason behind such waste. A traffic log system is also maintained by these hotels under which there is a daily log showing the traffic that the hotel has received. This helps the staff to keep track of the population of the hotel along with the use of the food and its wastage by them. 

  • No wastage of ingredients

The hotels near Vadodara Railway Station take special care of waste management. This process is followed right before the preparation of food. These hotels avoid wasting the ingredients before they are being prepared in the first place. The inventory is evaluated by these hotels to learn the number of ingredients that are used to prepare a particular meal. The staff is trained to always be waste-conscious and efficient in terms of saving the food and not using its ingredients in excess. Likewise, a food waste strategy is prepared by these hotels which are taken care of by the whole staff of the hotel.

  • Planning for the leftovers

The 3-star hotels in Vadodara are very particular in terms of food waste management. A plan for the food leftovers is prepared by these hotels every now and then. Under this plan, the portion sizes served to the guests are monitored through staff observations. The expectations of the customers are management by preparing and serving the dishes which are exactly as described in the food menu. The popularity of each dish is tracked and the same is cooked accordingly. The diners at the restaurants of the hotels near Vadodara Railway Station are further encouraged to take the leftover food at home. The staff of the hotel is offered a meal and finally, the remainder of the food is donated among the needy.

  • Awareness about the wastage of food

Apart from taking all the above-listed provisions in action, the hotels near Vadodara Railway Station also make sure to create awareness about the wastage of food among the staff, as well as guests. Many hotels get their team on board with all kinds of challenges of implementing a food waste strategy. The team is also taught about the problem of food waste and how the problem is to be tackled. Awareness about the food is also promoted and encouraged among the guests of the hotel.

  • Creation of compost

Last but not least, the 3-star hotels in Vadodara compost the leftover food on the property of the hotel. The hotels which do not have such an area for compost usually work with a composting partner. Regular monitoring of the food waste is further done and changes are made.

Wastage of food in the hospitality sector is a serious issue and many hotels in Vadodara near Railway Station and other places are addressing the problem timely to avoid such wastage.

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