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The Indian Board of Medical Research (ICMR) licensed private diagnostic laboratories for carrying out COVID-19 tests find it difficult to procure appropriate personal security equipment for their collection workers, namely, cover-all. The laboratories hope that the Centre's push to increase the availability of essential life-saving equipment, including PPE, may accelerate the manufacture and supply of such items. 
Leading ICMR players said that their facility is ready, personnel is qualified, but adequate diagnostic trials of the companies that can supply them and PPEs from the open market are yet to be received. In addition, they have been able to provide sufficient quantities of test kits. Thanks to lock-down and freight flow interruptions, it is often challenging to import test kits.
The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has proposed hydroxychloroquine to be used as a preventative against the disease by health care staff and treatment professionals of reported patients of COVID-19, even though experts have claimed that this medication is not successful in the prevention of COVID-19. Hospitals, including protection like masks and bodysuits, are often considered to be effective in ensuring protection for health personnel, according to researchers, but lacks protective gear.
How can Protective masks be beneficial?
Droplet transmission happens when a human has near contact (within 1 m) with a person with respiratory symptoms (for instance, coughing or sneezing) and is, thus, at risk of exposure to potentially contagious respiratory droplets with mucosa (mouth and nose) or conjunctiva (eyes). Therefore COVID-19 can be transmitted through direct interaction with infected individuals and indirect contact with surfaces in immediately surrounding areas and items in use on an infected individual (e.g. stethoscope or thermometer). Dissemination may also occur by fomites in the immediate atmosphere around the infected person. Therefore, protective clothing is the most essential elements one will require during this tough time where the entire nation is suffering.
Significance of protective clothing for the medical staffs:
The first to react when an infectious pathogen affects a population is health workers. In reality, they are also the first ones to be impacted — the first indication that an odd event happened is a series of cases of severe illness in health staff. Health employees could have a greater chance of infection before the origin of an epidemic is established and so infectious prevention steps may be implemented. Health staffs are at an elevated risk of infection owing to the frequent and long-lasting interaction with patients with a heavy viral load.
People across Asia have been encouraging wearing face masks to prevent COVID-19. Many countries still debate how to introduce the procedure to reduce the transmission of the disease owing to the COVID-19 crisis. Germany has become one of those countries and its Federal Institutes of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices has released details on standards of safety provided by different masks.
Where you can find such protective clothing?
Sigma Test and Research Centre, Delhi
Sigma Test and Research Centre is a premier lab involved in the testing of Bio-medical products, Textile materials, Electronic products and Plastic materials. Integrated facility approach gives sigma an edge to provide Medical Protective clothing testing made from multiple varieties of materials.
ICS Laboratories:
It is one of the world's leading research labs with skin- and hearing-safe devices. In any big global industry, ICS has decades of eyewear and facial security knowledge. Our studies cover PPE in medical settings, eye safety for sports and other athletic uses, eye- and face security experts employed by the U.S. Armed Forces and daily usage in general customers 'lifestyles. In order to perform complete optical and mechanical evaluations on eye and face safety products for a multitude of uses as necessary and defined in any industry, ICS laboratories shall carry out facilities, workers and accreditations.
GEOTECH Laboratory:
In compliance with a GAI – LAP Accreditation Program for the following 24 studies of geosynthetic materials, the Bombay Tissue Reference Association (BTRA) is now certified by the GEOTECH Laboratory (GSI), Folsom, PENNSYLVANIA, USA.
It is important to note that BTRA is the first institution to receive this required accreditation in India, and maybe only the third outside of the USA. This ensures that the goods can be checked in BTRA with full faith for geosynthetic producers and consumers that the quality of the tests is as strong as any other GAI-LAP accredited laboratories. The studies in India can be conducted to save time and resources without losing the accuracy of the results.
In our research laboratories in India, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States, Intertek conducts rigorous protective equipment testing to satisfy the global demand for personal protective gear (PPE) boots, shoes, clothes and sparkle guards.
They will test safety footwear for technical dangers, slip resistance, thermal hazards, and ergonomic quality, for example. In electronic, electrical, chemical and micro-organism vulnerability Intertek checks PPE gloves. You check the ergonomics, size, performance, and effect of football shin guards. Intertek also executes research on products like high visibility; humidity, chemicals, and heat protection; and flame retardants for ripping, cracking, abrasion, and bending (as pre-treatments). The flammability safe clothes check tests radiant heat tolerance, touch heat, convective heat, and electromagnetic dangers.
Intertek is now performing EPI research of the eyes, ears, and facial security products, including goggles, gazebo, contact lenses, gazebo swimming, skateboarding, skateboards, snow sports casks, and ice hockey helmets. Helmets are also checked for the bicycles of the EPI.

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