Pros and Cons of Billboard Advertising

by John Smith Marketing Manager

Outdoor media advertising has become a conspicuous trend in today's era of mass communication. Since ages people have remained dependent on the outdoor advertising, of which Billboard Advertising remains to be one of the most dominant forms. Here we will highlight the pros and cons of Billboard Advertising. These are as follows:

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

There are a plenty of advantages of Billboard Advertising. To beg with, these are placed at places where many people can see them. There se in no case restricted to a particular audience r a sector but society in general. You will always see them at places that are visited by all and sundry. Be you on foot, car or a bus you will be able to see these. These take help of graphics. This means that there are huge picture on the Billboard Advertising which leaves a greater impact on the mind of a person. Even if someone is not interested in the product they are sure to recall the mages time and again and eventually the interest will develop automatically. This further generates the impulsive buyers leading to unprecedented increase in the sales. The billboards at time provide the direction and if it happens to be in the way of the viewer then you surely have got a new customer. Mostly the ones to view these are the people who also bag the possibilities to being your potential clients as far as finance is concerned.

Disadvantages of Billboard Advertising

As every rose has a thorn, similarly, Billboard Advertising also have a plethora of disadvantages associated with it. To name a few are as follows. Billboard Advertising is advertising in general to the public and not any particular section in general. These results in a lack of targeted focus which might at time prove unsatisfactory. Most of the people who view your adverts might not even have or develop an interest in the same. In addition to this, you are exposed to this sort of an advert for a brief period of time. You might just have had a glimpse and the Billboard goes out of your sight. Also, while you have a look at them, you get to avail only a limited information that particularly deals with the graphics and nothing much. It is only beneficial to the ones who are exposed to a finite information of the brand in advance. Apart from this, another demerit is that these are immobile. These are found placed at a particular place and a position you cannot move them from one place to another, this further restricts the access of all the people to the same by limiting it to those who visit the places where they are placed. Last but not least, if it is stormy, foggy or rainy outside then it is but obvious that at least the travellers will not be able to have a glimpse of the same. This implies that the visibility of billboard is also limited.

Author is a person who has a strong belief in the power of Outdoor media advertising . According to the author Billboard Advertising has always remained a dominant form of advertisement and still continues to be the same but still has its own downsides. Thus, the author focuses on both the sides of the coin, merits as well as demerits.

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