Prominent Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer
It is a known fact that olive oil is very good for health. But extra virgin olive oil is said to be one of the best olive oil available in India even better than that. Let us have a look at the ways in which it benefits us.

With more and more people becoming conscious of their physical well-being, they are slowly but surely gravitating towards healthy food options. Hence right from organic vegetables and fruits to virgin olive oil India, oats wheat bread etc., and people are opting for all of these and more. Talks about leading a good lifestyle and following a daily regimented and disciplined life with everyday exercise routine has become quite popular now.

What is extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is another alternative which is gaining rapid popularity. But even though people talk about its health benefits, not many know what it is and how exactly it affects our health. It is a well-known fact that high temperature causes a breakdown of olive oils thereby reducing its goodness. But its extra virgin variety is produced in extremely controlled conditions by mechanical means so that there is no degradation in the oil. It is also the best and most expensive classification of olive oil currently available in the world. In fact it imparts the flavor of fresh olives when used to prepare salads etc.

It also differs with the normal olive oils in its composition whereby the extra virgin is the purest quality of olive oil and the cooking variety olive oil present contains some quantity of oleic oil. It is also lighter in color with a more neutral flavor than its extra virgin variety.

Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil
The health benefits of this classification of olive oils is so numerous and appropriate especially for a country like India that even FDA recommends taking 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Some of the proven health benefits include:

·         Weight loss: It is secret weapon of weight loss that few people know about. In fact in order to long lasting weight loss benefits and results, it is recommended to have a diet which is rich in this extra virgin oil. They show even better results than opting for a low-fat diet.
·         Insulin level regulator: This oil not only delays and even prevents the onset of diabetes, it also helps to regulate, balance and maintain the insulin level of our body. Thus instances of insulin spikes are greatly reduced consequently reducing the dangers that a person with diabetes faces.

·         Pain reliever: It is also known for its anti-inflammatory property which is primarily due to the presence of oleocanthal. This makes extra virgin oil function like a natural ibuprofen thereby providing relief from pain in cases of chronic diseases.

·         Good for heart and mind: Due to the presence of monounsaturated fats, it is said to be extremely beneficial for the heart and prevents fat accumulation and clogging of arteries thereby enabling the heart to function well. These monounsaturated fats also help to protect the brain from cognitive decline thereby preventing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia etc.

·         Strengths immunity: This oil is also known to have a positive effect on the total immunity of the body thereby strengthening it to make our body resistant to attacks by many different pathogens.

There are many other benefits also associated with the consumption of extra virgin oil. It also helps to increase longevity, is very good for pregnant women, has a positive impact on the skin etc. With so many benefits to gain, the popularity of some of the best olive oil available in India is naturally gaining momentum in spite of being quite expensive.

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