Production process flow of hot rolled stainless steel tube

by yane Yang Sales Manager

Hot rolling is rolling in stainless steel above the recrystallization temperature of the casting process, the organization will destroy the ingot, steel grain refinement, but also eliminate the defect microstructure of stainless steel, to make the organization more dense, improve mechanical properties. Such improvements generally reflected along the rolling direction, will make the stainless steel to a certain extent is not isotropic, formed in high temperature and pressure will be welded pouring when bubbles, cracks and loose.

Production process of hot rolled stainless steel tube

The production process of hot rolled seamless steel tube mainly includes the preparation of billet before rolling, tube billet heating, piercing, rolling, sizing and cooling, finishing and other basic processes. There are three deformation processes for producing seamless hot rolled seamless tubes: piercing, rolling and sizing. Here is to introduce the purpose and requirements of these processes.

Hot rolling stainless steel tube production perforation

The solid stainless steel tube is made into a hollow capillary, which is shaped, and the section of the rolled piece is round and circular. This equipment is a piercing mill. The perforation process requirements, we must first ensure that the capillary wall and out of uniform thickness, small ellipticity, geometric size and high precision; followed by the inner and outer surface of stainless steel shell should be smooth, can not have the defects of scarring, folding, crack; the third is to have perforation speed and rolling cycle corresponding to the entire process. Set the pace of production, increase the capillary finishing temperature can meet the requirements of pipe rolling machine.

Hot rolling stainless steel tube production rolling tube

The thick wall of the tube into a thin wall of the pipe; that is, fixed wall, is based on the subsequent process of reducing diameter and empirical formula to determine the wall thickness of the process pipe, this machine is rolling machine. The requirements of the rolling pipe processing technology are: first, when the thick wall tube is turned into thin wall pipe, it is necessary to ensure the wall thickness uniformity of the waste pipe is higher; secondly, the quality of the inner and outer surface of the pipe is better.

Production and reduction of hot rolled stainless steel tube

The big round of stainless steel tube is small round, that is fixed diameter, the corresponding equipment called fixed (minus) diameter machine. For reducing sizing process requirements are: first of all to the total reduction rate and smaller diameter of a single stand diameter reduction rate conditions to achieve sizing, then can realize the use of a standard tube production of various specifications of the finished pipe, the surface quality of steel pipe also can be further improved.

Source: China Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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