Problems and solutions to the use of bending equipment of stainless steel elbows

by yane Yang Sales Manager

The main problem of large stainless steel pipe bending equipment is that the chute can't move along with the stainless steel pipe, it is difficult to process, and the material is relatively wasteful. For these problems, the following is the improvement plan.

Metal forming elbow is a very important part in the production process of the manufacturing, it has attracted the attention of people, applications are also very much, such as aerospace, shipbuilding and other ordnance system, also has such as natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines and other small pipeline system. In these piping systems, changing the direction of pipes is a very common thing, but it will always be applied to all kinds of stainless steel elbows. In reality, the circular curved pipes with various diameters and angles are mostly manufactured by manual or mechanical bender.

And this kind of bend model uses a fixed sliding groove. The friction consumption between the fixed chute and the pipe will cause greater bending moment. The application capacity of the equipment can not be well utilized, because the existing equipment lacks the interface of the mobile chute, so if we want to make the chute move, we must think about it on the mold. Now, the fixed chute has three disadvantages: the chute cannot move along with the movement of the pipe, and there is a higher friction between the pipe and the chute, resulting in a scratch on the surface of the pipe and the sliding slot, thus affecting the quality of the stainless steel elbow and the service life of the die. The fixed chute is connected by the tail between the swallowtail and the equipment. Every time it is necessary to process the tail of the swallowtail, it is difficult to process and waste a lot of materials. Therefore, in order to meet the higher requirements, it is a good choice to replace the fixed sliding groove with a movable sliding groove.

The advantages of mobile chute is its main structure is adopted, and the chute chute between the body coated with a lubricant between the chute and the chute body is sliding, there is no relative friction between the chute and the tube, thereby effectively ensuring the tube surface quality, improve the actual service life of die.

The friction between the slots and the slots needs to be much smaller than the friction between the fixed slots and the slots. The chute seat of the mobile chute has good versatility. For the new elbow specifications, it is generally necessary to repeat the manufacture of the chute, that is to say, avoid unnecessary repetition and add T swallow tail to reduce the difficulty of processing and save material effectively.

Pipe mold mold block combination design improved is the core part of the whole design, each a small mold block is formed by the die block, similar fan-shaped ring structure shape, with its previous fan disc in different places in addition to its shape and increased in a sliding disk base slide. Its working principle is this: when choosing some specifications of the tubes, can according to the diameter and bending radius to determine the size of the mold with different specifications, and then fixed to the top of the disk base, of course, the mold block is made beforehand, its entire manufacturing standards in accordance with the pre bending pipe as the standard, in accordance with the bending radius of the die block in the sliding seat position adjustment module to achieve.

The combination is composed of a base, adjusting the mould a disc chute, chute seat and several mold block, the improved combination of adjustable mould, which is l to 9 die block belongs to the activity, the number and size of enough according to the production pipe replacement and adjustment, and between the sliding slots the traditional plays the role of pushing the tail is different, they can be in accordance with the size of about in the chute seat movement and changing, so as to meet the needs of different diameters of products. The slot seat is a practical requirement to ensure that the sliding groove is slid right and left so as to better adapt to various pipe pipes. The base of the original plate has a fixed function, with a slide seat on it so that the die block can be slid on it to reach the bending radius of the stainless steel elbows.

Source: China Stainless Steel Elbows Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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