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As a retailer, you need to keep in mind quality standards for your product to ensure better sales. In addition to the product quality, however, the packaging also needs to be up to the mark. The packaging of an item is the first thing that a consumer notices while buying a product. With the increase in demand and consumption of street food, you need to make your product packaging stand out. We will discuss why you need a good packaging of your French fries’ brand and styles for your French fry boxes.

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Importance of French fry packaging

French fries are loved everywhere in the world and are a very irresistible snack. Several food companies are highly popular for their exclusive recipe of tasty French fries. Apart from making your potato snacks delicious, the packaging is important as well. You must keep in mind how you can attract your customers with your unique printing and enticing packaging styles. Also, the packaging material should be able to hold your French fries in French fries box firmly and maintain their taste and freshness.

Packaging material for French fry boxes

The material that is commonly suitable for the packaging of French fries is mostly a variation of paper or cardboard material. The following options for food-grade packaging material are commonly available for French fry boxes wholesale.

Cardstock packaging material

Cardstock material is a much flexible variant of cardboard material. It is one of the most suitable options for the packaging of French fries. The soft and flexible texture of the material is the reason why it is popular among some of the largest brands. It is also most suitable for many printing options and vibrant colors of packaging.

Kraft packaging material

Kraft material has its origins from all-natural plants sources. It is made of the wood pulp of several trees which forms a slightly coarse brown paper. The thickness of Kraft material is adjustable by laminating together several layers of this paper. It has a natural woody texture and brown color. The best thing about Kraft material is that it is recyclable and hence poses no harm to the environment.

Corrugated packaging material

Corrugated material is best for making a more supportive packaging box. It has several layers of paper attached by lamination. The layers on either side are flat while one or two in the center are corrugated or fluted. This design makes small airspaces inside the material that gives cushioning effect to the packaging.

Packaging paper

For the packaging of French fries, one of the most convenient options is parchment paper. It is a cellulose-based paper that is non-sticky and resistant to tear and damage. Another option for packaging paper is Kraft pear. It is a brown paper that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Paper packaging is a much cheaper option that is easy to use.

French fry packaging box styles

You can choose from various packaging materials and multiple styles to customize your packaging.

Dispenser box

The dispenser box is the classic French fry box style that is available at all the top food brands as their packaging box. This box has an open top for consumers to enjoy their snacks on the go. It has a rectangular bottom and a wider top end. Dispenser boxes make the French fries look much more appetizing.

Paper tray

These are simple paper, cardstock, or Kraft French fry containers folded to form the shape of a tray. The paper trays are very useful for serving all kinds of snacks including French fries. This style is especially preferable if you want to serve your French fries with ketchup, nuggets, or other add-ons.

Paper cone

Paper cones are also an appealing shape for serving your French fries. This design is most suitable for serving a small number of French fries. You can also make a small compartment for ketchup or any dipping sauce on the top corner of the paper cone. The material that is most suitable for this style of serving is Kraft paper.

Tuck top box

When you want to serve a large order of French fries or pack them for takeaway, a tuck top box is the best choice. Tuck top boxes have an auto-lock bottom end and a tuck end on the top. Tuck end is a friction lock closure that is easy to use. It keeps the French fries safely stored in the box and retains the moisture.

Wholesale French fry boxes

French fry boxes are made by the die-cutting technique in which sharp razors cut the cardboard material in the required shape. Due to this reason, the box packaging will be delivered by flat shipping method. Wholesale suppliers make the packaging boxes according to premium quality standards for food storage and serving. You can also get your hands on exclusive discounts and sales when buying wholesale boxes.

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