Prevent your Insomnia by taking Lunesta daily

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Lunesta or eszopiclone is a medicine, also called a hypnotic. It has the power to affect chemicals in the brain of those people who has sleep problems or Insomnia. Lunesta is a drug used to treat Insomnia. Lunesta makes you feel relax and help you to have a proper sleep and stay asleep. If you have Insomnia, then consult a doctor and tells him about your problem. If he prescribes you 2mg Lunesta, then you might recover from this sleep problem very quickly. The chemical reaction of Lunesta will start just after a few seconds of swallowing.


Important things have to remember before taking it:

If you ever take a sleep medicine or have allergy in eszopiclone, then you should not take this medicine. Lunesta is only for adult; it should not be recommended for the people younger than 18 years old. Tell your consulting doctor if you have ever suffered:


       Liver disease

       A breathing disorder

       Mental illness, depression, suicidal thoughts

       Addiction to drug or alcohol


If you are a pregnant woman or breast-feeding, you should not take this medicine. For older adults, the sedative effects of eszopiclone might be stronger. Older patients are facing accidental falls due to taking sedatives. So, be cautious of accidental falls or injury while taking Lunesta.


The dose of Lunesta:

The dose of Insomnia differs for the different age groups of people. The initial dose starts from 1mg orally just before your bedtime. The maintenance dose would be 1 to 3 mg orally just before your bedtime. The maximum dose is 3mg orally just before your bedtime. Patients should consult a doctor if he still has Insomnia even after 7 to 10 days of eszopiclone therapy. Proper Geriatric dose for Insomnia starts from 1,g daily orally just before your bedtime, and the maximum dose is 2mg.


How to take Lunesta:

If you don’t have much time to go to the local medicine shop to buy Lunesta then buy Lunesta online and get it to be delivered to your home within a day. If your doctor prescribes Lunesta for recovering your sleep problem, then only you are allowed to take it. Follow all the directions written by your doctor and read all the guidelines on the medicine sheet properly. It may be a habit-forming medicine, so do not misuse it; otherwise, it may cause addiction or overdose.


Keep this medicine in a safe place that others cannot take it. Selling or giving Lunesta without a prescription is against the law. Within a few minutes of taking Lunesta, you will fall asleep. So, do not take it in your working hours. If your sleeping problem is resolved by taking Lunesta, then you should immediately tell this to your doctor.


Do not stop taking Lunesta suddenly after using it for several days. It may cause withdrawal effects. Follow your doctor’s suggestion on how to stop Lunesta gradually. Lunesta should be kept in room temperature far from heat and moisture. Follow the rules of taking Lunesta. After stop taking this medicine insomnia problems may arise. That time you have to consult a doctor again. 

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