Presentation Skills: Do You Really Need PowerPoint Slides?

by John Smith Proffesional Manager

Here are some important questions to consider when preparing your presentation: Do you really need to use slides?


Of course, the answer is that it depends. It depends on your purpose, your message, the exact time, the audience, and the technology available. Carefully consider your question before automatically assuming that you need a chipset.


In the era of overhead projectors, the term "visual aid" was used to refer to a projector or other object intended to assist a display. Fortunately, the Slide Publication software has made slides presentation easy and super-fast.


You have to be a show. Slip is just a visual aid to help you.


Slip can confuse the presentation, interfere with the ability to communicate with the audience, and distract from the message.


If you can choose either you or slides, we are a content expert and we will choose you. You are a knowledgeable person. The slides are there to help you improve, not to replace you.


Therefore, consider the following questions before starting automatic slide creation. Will the slide show be improved? Are slides really useful? Is there any information that needs to be communicated in slide format?


For example, if you are an interior designer giving a presentation at an industry conference, entering a high quality image of your design on your slides can be very helpful. Enhance your presentation by showing people what you're talking about when it comes to room colors and object placement.


On the other hand, if you're a project manager giving a 10-minute presentation at an in-house departmental meeting, are text slides and bullets really useful for your presentation?


It's probably best to submit a project plan, submit an Excel spreadsheet before or after the meeting, or draw something on board. Then, instead of doing a "group reading" of the slides, focus on talking directly to the people in the room, getting their attention and answering the questions.


(I understand that some companies have a corporate culture that expects the use of PowerPoint or Keynote, for better or for worse, but ask yourself if slides improve your presentation. It is advisable to challenge the culture.) Unfortunately, we cannot win this battle. )


Therefore, the next time you give a presentation, carefully consider whether the slides will help you convey your message effectively. Also, if slides do not improve your presentation, speak without slides.


To see if a particular slide in your presentation deserves to be there, you need to be able to defend everyone as a lazy dog ‚Äč‚Äčadvocate. To do that, you need to be able to claim that the customer experience would be poor without a tip.


Example: If you're designing a presentation for sale to people on a 7-day Caribbean cruise, it's a good idea to include a slide listing all the features of the cruise. There are probably a lot of balls on the slide that look like this:


A-  Spacious and luxurious accommodation on board

B-  Eat every night while watching the beautiful sunset over the sea

C-  Access 7 or more exciting call ports

D-  One day, stop by the island and go to a sunny, unpolluted beach

E-  Enjoy free rum and dance on board every night


Your list serves as a reminder to tell your potential customers all these big reasons to book your hall now, but what you're doing to improve your audience experience mosquito? In fact, such chips are completely unsustainable.


What your point of view needs most is a way to visualize what the journey is, and all you need is a photo. Therefore, instead of slides, you need at least 5 slides. One is a full screen photo of the room, one is a happy couple enjoying dinner on the terrace in the afternoon, and the other is a great photo of the harbor and beach. And a night party. All of these photos should be good enough that almost no descriptive verbs from the site are needed.

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