Pregnancy photography: better in the studio or outdoors?

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Several years have passed since I first started photographing baby bumps, and at this point I can afford to take stock of them.


Most of the pregnancy photoshoots were done in the studio. Whether for a matter of convenience or for a matter of privacy, the studio is still the preferred place for clients.


The studio is also quite comfortable for the photographer who has already positioned the lights in the best possible way, has already prepared the set and the accessories to be used and is in any case in his environment, therefore able to face and resolve any unforeseen event that may happen, in peace.


Customers, for their part, feel protected from prying eyes, they feel freer to uncover their bumps and can have their underwear photographed in complete serenity, also reassured by the professionalism of the photographer.


Things get complicated, however, when a child also participates in the photo session.


The photos in which a brother or sister is present are certainly very tender: it is fun to observe the way in which they relate to the baby who will be born shortly, to see the delicacy with which they caress the mother's belly with full eyes of joy but also of anxiety for what is about to happen.


Too bad that the attention of a young model or model lasts only a few minutes, it is practically impossible to keep children busy, available and interested in the photo session for more than 15-20 minutes . After this time, in fact, they begin to become restless, capricious and unmanageable to the point that, generally, even the father begins to get nervous and consequently also the mother who would like this moment to remain idyllic forever.


It's true, there is less privacy, mothers feel a little more awkward because they are not very used to being the center of attention of even a small and occasional audience. It happens, in fact, that even if you choose rather isolated locations, you can always meet some curious people and even if they are generally limited to a few glances of curiosity and admiration they can be annoying and ruin the dreamy atmosphere.


However there is something very powerful about doing the Woodlands outdoor Photographers. Taking the natural beauty of a woman who is about to bring new life into the world and putting it into the majesty of the great outdoors is simply breath-taking.


Outdoors, any small companion is distracted by the landscape and by the continuous change of things and even if his availability does not exceed 20 minutes, outdoors he is less irritable and more distracted by the thousand little adventures that can happen and therefore you can complete the photo session with less anger from the father.


That's why the choice of doing the pregnancy photo shoot outdoors is becoming more and more frequent, especially among young couples.


I have prepared a small guide to photo shoots for pregnancy and maternity, contact me immediately and I will send you a copy without any commitment on your part.


But there is another possibility, a little less exploited but equally wonderful: taking photos of the pregnancy photo session directly at home!


When you photograph a mother in her home, she feels at ease in a way that is like no other.


This is a great reason to have maternity photography sessions at a client's home but it's not the main reason I recommend it. As a photographer I feel it is my responsibility to help my subjects feel comfortable and able to perform at their best, regardless of where we are shooting. I pride myself on my ability to do this, I believe this is an important feature, if not the main reason my clients come to me and not another photographer in the area.


But the real reason why I recommend doing the pregnancy photo sessions at home is that I think it's wonderful for a couple to have photos that show the expectation of their baby in a realistic way: how the rooms have been prepared, the new crib, the heat, the colors, the light and all the love that you breathe in the air of your own home.


So, if you're thinking about scheduling a Maternity Photographers Woodlands in the coming weeks, consider using your home as a photo shoot.

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