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Pregnancy MiracleUsed by women from all over the world, Pregnancy Miracle has been delivering definite results. With the help of a Chinese medicine researcher, an alternative health and nutrition specialist, a health consultant, and a former infertility sufferer herself, you will learn a tremendous amount of information and methods to help get pregnant quickly and naturally within two months. The Pregnancy Miracle shows the program covers infertility conditions such as uterine fibroids, tubal obstruction, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, lazy ovaries, low sperm count, and sperm motility disorders. You will learn how to get pregnant quickly while reversing infertility permanently. Instead of falling into the group of 92% of women who fail when using conventional treatments to increase their chances of getting pregnant, you can jump into the 8% that succeed. This Pregnancy guide book does not recommend you any prescription or drugs to follow. It’s because Lisa knows from her experience that these drugs cause several side effects that generally lower down the chances of getting pregnant.

Another great feature of this guide-book is, it comes with charts and checklists for you to track the development process. Tips and advice on how to get the body healthy and ready for reproduction are also included in the eBook. Pregnancy Miracle also provides proven strategies about getting pregnant without risking the health. It suggests in detail various foods that should be eaten, as well as the activities and exercises that should be performed and avoided. This is 100% natural method to get pregnant as quick as within 8 weeks. It also covers unexplained infertility, how acupuncture might help, and vitamin deficiencies that might affect the chances of getting pregnant. Women will learn how to accurately track their ovulation and what to do if they miss their optimum fertility window.

Pregnancy Miracle can help you overcome your own infertility and discover what it will take to get pregnant the natural way. The eBook employs holistic and ancient Chinese system for getting pregnant and delivering healthy babies, even for women who have never experienced delivering a child. If you are really serious to get pregnant, then I would suggest to you just try this guide once. This system can help you give birth to healthy babies regardless of how old you are. The methods taught in the book addresses on mistakes that you might be making, which could be the reason why you are infertile, and this brings you a step closer to curing your infertility and getting pregnant.

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"No one has become the ideal self."


This sentence is really lost.

But it seems that all of us who are working hard in New York/Tokyo/Paris/Shanghai/Hong Kong want to nod their heads in countless silence.

Among these very sad silences, there is this:

 "Today is my first day in Beijing.

The younger brother said that if I come to Beijing, he must come to pick me up. He said many times.

I didn't expect it, and I believed it after hearing too much. Today he was running a project outside and did not come.

I took a taxi to the residence alone, and my brother talked about astronomy, geography, history and humanities.


The weather is very good today, the blue sky can be seen, there is sunshine, and I saw a tree and a tree blooming on the way out from the airport.


Beijing is more lonely than I thought. But I still hope to have a future here. "


Very simple and simple sentences.


But this first day is full of subversive understandings and heart-wrenching cognitions of ideals, life, friendship, glamour, and loneliness that we will face or have experienced in the next ten years.


Then we grew up quickly.


I especially like Beijing.


I just wanted to go to Beijing to go to university, and then work in Beijing and lived for many years.


Abandoning all kinds of green vegetables in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, it is found that Beijing's "green vegetables" is a general reference.


The most familiar girlfriends and buddies around me have known each other since they went to Beijing to go to school in 2006, and by 16 years have passed the so-called "decade of drifting north".


Ten years of life was handed over to Beijing, what did it get?

People who didn't dare to imagine before

Get to know easily

Before coming to Beijing to go to university, I should have never thought of meeting a "diplomat" in my life.

What CCTV/Xinhua News Agency/People’s Daily reporters, academics from the Academy of Social Sciences, etc. can only be seen on TV.


I have never thought that any girlfriend party nowadays is a combination of these units.


Things are gathered together, and there is no such deep understanding before.

The city gives you more opportunities than you think.

After I studied in Guangyuan, I found that it was too easy to know a elder brother and sister who worked at CCTV, because almost 70% of Taili graduated from my alma mater.

For a student studying news in other cities, it is almost impossible to find an internship opportunity for CCTV.


The same is learning languages. At a Beijing school, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is the only person who comes to the lecture. In normal classes, he invites a good friend of the teacher to communicate with everyone, who is a famous expert in a certain field of the Academy of Social Sciences.


In Beijing, the distance between people is closer than expected.

There is almost no distance between interesting people and interesting people.


I used to read the posts of a travel blogger on Qinyou.

She photographed beautiful sunsets on Easter Island, photographed an entire meteor shower-like starry sky in the Atacama Desert, and sat in a jeep on Uyuni’s mirror, leaving only the world with her, handsome Extremely.


I sometimes look at her travel guide, to see which restaurant hidden in the alley has the best Ceviche, and to see which slope in Cusco City is the most famous slate-baked pizza.


I don't know her.


Later, seeing her writing in the travel notes that she held a wedding in Antarctica, and reading the vows in a small church in Antarctica, I was very envious.


Later, after going around, I resigned and started my own business, that is, with a friend in between, I added the girl’s WeChat account.


It turns out that this travel blogger is a resigned diplomat.

The life before this had a very similar path to mine.


Going to school in Beijing, an absolute good student, taking the civil service examination, went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and went to overseas embassies and consulates. She was youthful and a young female diplomat.


You want to meet an interesting person. In Beijing, people are so close.


In fact, it's just Beijing.

If you express your love for the latest DJI drone products to a little partner in Shenzhen, he will say to you,

"Oh, DJI is in our Nanshan Science and Technology Park, in the building next to us."


This is unimaginable in the city where we grew up.


"Insight" is branded

Help you make a lot of decisions


"Study in Beijing, an absolute good student, took the civil service exam, went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and went to overseas embassies and consulates. She was youthful and a young female diplomat."


If you think this is the best life peak of "Beijing Drifting Ten Years", then sorry, you still haven't understood the true meaning of "Beijing".


It's not that you got a glamorous job, or that you married Gao Fushuai and gave birth to two children;

It does not depend on what bag you wear, what clothes you wear, how much money you make, or how different your so-called "temperament" is from your hometown classmates;

The thing is that you finally met the world when you were young. You went to work in the institution you were longing for. You dared to show your youth to stay, and you dared to quit and start again. And you finally understand that there is no good or bad.

My classmate, a boy student, went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and went abroad to the difficult areas of Africa. His professional level is absolutely excellent and he loves this sacred job and mission;

Now I am a high fan. I was at the BRICS Leaders Summit. The camera flashed by and saw him sitting behind the leaders.


And like the girl I used to read her poor travel posts, she resigned from a diplomat and became a travel blogger, and is now the founder of a high-end travel brand.


"Classmates from my hometown" may never understand. Some people have to resign after becoming a diplomat, or they don't understand why they want to sway their youth and sweat in difficult Africa. Didn't they miss the best childbearing age?


"Insight" is branded.


In Beijing/Hong Kong/New York/Paris/Tokyo, you have met all kinds of people and their different lives and choices. These people and their lives will invisibly influence many of your decisions.


At many key points, people who have met the world have completely different choices.

This is not deliberate, but an invisible imprint.

Have eaten, seen, beautiful, experienced

It is possible to calmly

Embrace more possibilities in life

Does Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou only recognize success?


I don’t think so.

Precisely because when you were the youngest, you have experienced the drunkenness of the metropolis and the sweat, you have the confidence to put aside prejudice and vanity, and truly live your own sincere and comfortable life.


"The leeks that were sown indoors last spring. Then they moved to the vegetable garden. One row, fifteen clusters. Take care of them. In order to pass the winter, thick wheat stalks were laid to protect the root system. After a few spring rains, they sprouted by appointment."


This is the Weibo of another university classmate of mine.

Going to school and working in Beijing, working in a central enterprise in the oil field, traveling to Africa, making some money, and winning the so-called success in the secular sense.


Now in France, I grow vegetables, raise cats, and write notes about life in the French countryside.


What will you get if you hand over ten years to Beijing?


In exchange, whether you continue to struggle to take root in a big city in the next ten years, or you return to your own small city, or you choose to go to another country and live a completely new life, you will have that determination and calmness .


You have seen, eaten, beautified, and experienced, you will never envy others, will never be unwilling.


Regardless of whether you have become that ideal self in the first year or not, you have been completely reborn, a completely new self.


The green demon said,

"Who has ever been to a big city in a young age, struggling to leap into the steaming heat of thousands of lives, connecting with life, and experiencing all it can give, like a dream, but with extra effort and dedication.


In the dusty and hustle and bustle of reality, sooner or later you will feel the music in your heart gently resonating with the city, so melodious and bright.

Whose life has been wiped out in this way will definitely miss this melody for life. "

We have all given our youth to a city, and now we have left a mark in our lives.


For all of you who are struggling outside.

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