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We're excited today to debut a new system/tool for building lines in your organization. It's called POWERLINE, and it's a new option for all SFI affiliates.

"Powerlining" is based on building lines straight down, one person after another. Typically, you'll go VERY deep. Indeed, you may want to build your Powerlines hundreds of people deep!

Why would you want to build a line so deep, especially when direct compensation is essentially limited to a maximum of 12 generations? Simply put, it's all about LEVERAGE...and the power that leverage can generate for the generations you are paid directly on.

In more traditional promotions, you might sign up 100 people and equally distribute them amongst, say, five of your PSAs. That would mean that only five people received new downline members.

With Powerline, however, because each sign-up is placed one person after another, it means that when you signed up that 100th person...99 people got notified of a new downline member! And the people closer to the top of that Powerline, they've been notified of 70, 80, 90, nearly 100, new downline members!

Might these notifications cause at least some of the persons in the Powerline to take notice and want to become active? It certainly could, and our past experience using Powerline systems bears this out. So it's absolutely something every builder in SFI should at least consider testing to see if it works for them.


1. As a Powerline member, they have an upline member essentially building their first leg in SFI for them! That's pretty powerful all by itself...but that's not all. That Powerline is also naturally "full of leverage," which means they can benefit from all the activity and commissions and overrides that that leverage creates as the line grows downward.

2. As a Powerline grows downward, it will naturally "sprout" numerous offshoots, both of the Powerline variety, and also when members simply start signing up their own PSAs. This of course create additional opportunities for more sales and earnings.

3. A special rewards program! The new Powerline system is also going to test awarding Rewardicals for downline growth. In short, for their first 60 days, for every person added to the Powerline under them (by the upline Originator), all Powerline members will have the opportunity to earn Rewardicals, which they'll "bank" and be able to receive into their account on their 61st day--provided they've qualified as an Executive Affiliate within 60 days of joining. Tip: The new LaunchPack is a perfect fit here!


1. Maximum leverage. Persons you sign up into a Powerline can experience a substantial amount of downline activity, all of which can result in them becoming active so as to maximize their position. This of course can have a big, upward "domino effect." That is, if people lower in the line are becoming active (i.e. becoming Executive Affiliates), it's going to naturally motivate and incentivize persons higher in the line (closer to you) to also become active. For example, a new EA that pops up 50 levels below you in your Powerline could generate numerous additional EAs above as this "activity momentum" grows exponentially with each new upgrade to EA in the line.

2. You are the "Originator" for all sign-ups you place in your Powerlines. And per our 10/1/19 change in Direct Commission rules, you'll be earning 25% Direct Commissions on every one of your sign-ups whose sponsor (the person in the Powerline immediately above them) is not an EA. Yes, you can earn the Originator 25% commissions regardless of the generation placed...50th, 500th, 5000th, whatever; there's no limit!

3. You'll put to work for you what will quite possibly be SFI's most powerful and dynamic follow-up system we've ever built. For example, provided you're signing up at least one new affiliate a day into your Powerline, your sign-ups are going to be alerted DAILY to new activity under them and more. And these notifications will take different forms for maximum impact (emails, special Affiliate Center alerts, and more). Just advertise and bring in new people and our system will go to work for you!

4. Accelerated roll-ups. We appreciate that you don't want to place people 500 generations below you and have to wait for many months before they roll up closer to you (into your pay range). Hence, for Powerline sign-ups, we'll be using a special roll-up process. In short, any of your Powerline sign-ups who fail to go EA in their first 60 days will automatically roll up to the first upline EA in the Powerline and become one of their PSAs. The result can be a rapid compression and repositioning of most or many of your Powerline sign-ups to within 12-generations. From there, the standard Active Sponsor Policy can generate further roll-ups and compression over time.

5. You'll be able to use our awesome new Powerline GATEWAY (available shortly). You can use any SFI Gateway with a Powerline key code to build Powerlines. However, if you want your prospects to know in advance that they'll be joining your Powerline (or you want to promote Powerline benefits to entice your prospects to join SFI), you can use the new Powerline Gateway we've created. Note that you'll have to be an EA, AND you'll have to have started a Powerline and be actively adding new sign-ups (a minimum of 5 per week) to use this special new Gateway. More about this in the Q&A section.


Q: I'm not sure Powerlining is something I want to do. Am I required to utilize it?
Absolutely not. It's simply an option. If you see the value in it, use it. If not, use whatever marketing methods you're most comfortable with.

Q: How can I monitor Powerlines...since they'll go very deep and the Genealogy only displays people a maximum of 12 generations deep?
1. We've built a powerful, new Powerline Report for this purpose. Here, you can check on all Powerlines you've created and/or are currently building. From this new report you can also instantly start new Powerlines, pause/stop existing Powerlines, and--if you are a Team Leader--feed multiple Powerlines from a single key code (more on this below). 2. We've also added POAs to your Genealogy. That is, you can now view all your POAs from your Genealogy. Special Note: The necessary tracking for this was not put in place until October 1st, 2019. Hence, only POAs from October 1st and later will be accessible in this way.

Q: You say members of Powerlines will receive alerts, such as emails, to notify them of new additions under them. What will that look like?
Yes, we'll be dispensing alerts every day, both of the email variety and ones that will appear upon logging in at the Affiliate Center. They will be brief, however, and provide a link to the Powerline Report for the details, as we'll be able to provide a much richer presentation with the webpage report. Indeed, the Powerline Report will include account photos, country information, information on the type of compensation available to them for each person, and more!

Q: Can I see a sample of the email that my Powerline sign-ups will see?
Yes. Click HERE to see a sample.

Q: Can I do some Powerlining...while continuing to market SFI in the ways I've already been doing?
Yes. To put Powerlining to work for you, you'll simply use a special key code. Hence, you can use Powerlining for one key code you use in your marketing...and use other key codes for the rest of your marketing. You can commit as little or as much of your marketing to Powerlining as you want.

Q: Can I start my first Powerline TODAY?
Yes! Simply go to the new Powerline Report at and click on the "Start Powerline" button and follow the simple directions to get a Powerline key code. Now just start using that key code in your marketing. The sign-ups you generate will automatically be placed in this Powerline, one after another, and we'll notify you of each sign-up via email. And by using the Powerline Report, you can see exactly how the line is forming and the activity of all its members. You can also contact all your sign-ups directly from the Powerline Report.

Q: Who is the best person to start a Powerline under?
Any affiliate in your group who is showing potential is a good candidate. Seeing a Powerline building under them could really spark their enthusiasm, activity, and commitment to SFI.

Q: Could I offer to build Powerlines for someone as an incentive or reward?
Yes, you could reward members of your team who become and maintain Team Leader status, for example. But don't bite off more than you can chew! That is, the more Powerlines you start, the more divided your efforts will be. The rule of thumb is, a minimum of 5 sign-ups per week per Powerline. If you cannot generate the five per week, don't start a line; that's our recommendation for best results.

Q: When I start a Powerline, what is my commitment to that line?
Each Powerline you start should be considered a long-term commitment. Starting and abandoning a Powerline without fully developing it (giving it a chance to develop offshoots, etc.) is bad practice.

Q: How many Powerlines can I start?
That's totally up to you. You simply need to identify the persons you want Powerlines to build under...and use the appropriate Powerline key codes for each.

Q: Does a single Powerline key code only feed a single Powerline?
It does by default, but if you're a Team Leader, you have the option to actually have a single Powerline key code feed multiple Powerlines (the system will equally rotate sign-ups automatically between however many lines you choose to build).

Q: Can I start a Powerline under anyone or just under my PSAs?
You can start a Powerline under anyone in your group. You just need to set their SFI ID number as the top member of a Powerline and then let the system go to work placing your sign-ups under that person, one after another.

Q: About how many sign-ups do I need to generate to properly "fuel" a Powerline?
The rule of thumb is, a minimum of 5 sign-ups per week per Powerline. If you cannot generate the five per week for a line, we recommend you don't start a line.

Q: So if I'm able to generate 25 sign-ups a week, I should do five Powerlines?
We would actually recommend you focus on ONE line and really power that line until it's popping with activity. But if you feel you need to build more than one Powerline at a time, just be sure you're able to generate a minimum of five sign-ups a week per line.

Q: How would Powerline work for me if I want to follow the Diamond Plan?
With Powerlining, you'll simply be focusing on one leg at a time. Once one leg is "popping" due to your focusing on it, you can then switch your focus to a new line. Do that 3-5 times and, boom, you're on your way to becoming a Diamond Team Leader! Special Note: If you're able to generate a large number of sign-ups weekly, you can build your 3-5 lines (or more) simultaneously. For most, however, we recommend focusing on a single Powerline at a time. Get that line "rocking and rolling" before dividing your efforts.

Q: What are my options once I start a Powerline?
At any time, you can pause, stop, and restart Powerlines. You have complete control.

Q: If I start a Powerline, could someone in my Powerline start their OWN Powerline within the Powerline I started?
Yes! In fact--especially if you teach your downline members about Powerlining--you could have dozens or hundreds of "offshoots" from your Powerline...with each Powerline member adding more fuel and potential growth to your overall group!

Q: Can you provide an example of how the Rewardicals rewards program for Powerline works?
Yes. Let's say that Frank is the first person you signed up under a new Powerline you've started. For Frank's first 60 days, for each person you add to the Powerline under him, he'll be notified of new banked Rewardicals (up to 100 for each person). On Frank's 61st day, provided Frank has become an EA at some point during his first 60 days, we will deposit into Franks account 50 Rewardicals for each EA and 100 Rewardical for each Team Leader that he has under him in the Powerline. He can now redeem these Rewardicals immediately for whatever he wants, at his convenience. Of course, Frank isn't the only person receiving this benefit. EVERY member of your Powerline is ALSO notified of new banked Rewardicals each day you add to their Powerline! Yes, this is a very powerful incentive!

Q: So, if I placed 200 people under Frank in his first 60 days, how many Rewardicals would he bank?
Over the 60-day period, Frank would be notified of up to 20,000 banked Rewardicals (200 x up-to-100 Rewardicals per person). Since a much smaller number will go EA or become a Team Leader, however, the actual amount received will be less. Note that the Powerline Report prominently display the qualifications for receiving banked Rewardicals.

Q: Can an Originator contact and directly assist his or her Powerline sign-ups?
Yes. Contact information will be provided for all your POAs. Also, all our communication channels are being modified to allow quick and easy contact with all your Powerline sign-ups, regardless of the generation they reside on. For example, Stream now includes your POAs. As does your Genealogy. Special Note: The necessary tracking for this was not put in place until October 1st, 2019. Hence, only POAs from October 1st and later will be accessible in this way.

Q: When someone in a Powerline I've started rolls up due to inactivity, are they still in the Powerline?
No. Every day we will identify Powerline members who have not achieved the rank of EA in their first 60 days. We will then "roll them up" to the first person above them in the Powerline who HAS achieved EA status. This recipient will now be officially recorded as their new sponsor...and the person who rolled up becomes that person's PSA. They will have been removed from the Powerline, however.

Q: So a person in a Powerline who goes EA could wind up with quite a few PSAs due to the Powerline roll-up policy, right?
Yes, if upgrades to EA were, say, one out of every 25 persons, the person going EA could wind up with 24 PSAs within a couple months...and all the benefits that come with them, including 50% Direct Commissions on all purchases by those PSAs!

Q: Is anyone notified when a roll-up occurs?
Yes. We send an email notification to the person rolling up to let them know they have a new sponsor and are no longer in a Powerline. We also send an email to the new sponsor, informing them of their new PSA.

Q: Could the new sponsor of a rolled-up person start a Powerline under that person if they wanted to?

Q: Why the restrictions on using the Powerline Gateway?
In short, the Gateway depends on you actively building a Powerline. If you're not, then the language used in this Gateway will not "ring true." For example, it lists your latest sign-ups and promotes this as proof of what you'll be building under them when they join. Without said sign-ups, or if they are infrequent, the Gateway will not be effective and could also very well cause real harm to your and/or SFI's reputation.

Q: It would be great if my sponsor or other upline member built a Powerline under ME. Is that possible?
Yes, an Originator can start a Powerline under any person in their group.

Q: Will there be Badge Quest badges for Powerliners?
Yes! Multiple badges are in the works and will be announced soon.

Q: Will there be new promotional materials?
Definitely! In addition to the new Powerline Gateway, we'll be coming out soon with an array of banners, text ads, and more. We'll also be debuting "conversation-starter" garments (e.g. t-shirts)! Stay tuned for announcements on these items.

Q: Can I use my own SFI ID to start a Powerline with?
No. You need to start Powerlines with the ID of an existing member of your team.

Q: Can I use PSAs To Go, S-Builder Co-op, etc. to fuel my Powerlines?
Yes. See the following announcement:

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