Possible Causes of Male Infertility

by Mangal Barot Digital Marketing Experts

Are you tired of trying to conceive without any positive outcome? Most people have a thought that females are responsible for not having a baby. However, the fact is infertility is linked with men as well. A decade ago, it was assumed that infertility is a disorder related to females only. The changes and lifestyle we live have made both male and female responsible for not having a baby. Around 40% of conception problems arise due to male infertility. More often, men show no signs of infertility in them. In some cases, males are not even aware of their infertility. It can be detected only when you and your partner trying to conceive and getting disappointments. We are going to explain the possible causes of infertility among men. There is a number of reasons for male infertility which can increase your tension when it comes to family planning. It is very crucial to understand male infertility causes to take appropriate action against future issues. This will not only help you get proper treatment but also uplift your odds of completing your family. Here, are some common male infertility causes which are described underneath:

  • Sperm disorder: The most common cause of male infertility is issues in the production and maturation of the sperm. It may be immature, abnormal in shape or not able to move. In many cases, normal sperm may release abnormally which is low in numbers. This condition is commonly known as oligospermia. The absence of sperm is known as azoospermia. There are many different conditions that may result in this problem such as immunological disorder, infectious diseases, environmental or lifestyle factors.

  • Medical causes: There are a number of reasons which may result in male infertility. For instance, there is a condition arises where the semen enters into the bladder rather than emerging out of the male reproductive part. Various health conditions like diabetes, spinal injuries, medication or surgery may give birth to retrograde ejaculation. Apart from this, varicocele is a state which occurs due to swelling of veins which leads to draining of testicles. This condition can affect the sperm quality which may further affect your odds of becoming a father. In certain cases, hormonal imbalance can also cause infertility in men. Low testosterone or other hormonal issues can have a number of possible causes.

  • Environmental causes: There are certain environmental elements like toxins, heat, and chemical can affect the quantity of sperm. Overexposure to those elements can affect your sperm function. For instance, extended exposure to the industrial chemical may contribute to low sperm count. Addition to this, sitting for long hours, wearing tight clothes can increase the temperature in your scrotum and might reduce sperm production.

  • Health, lifestyle and other causes: There are some more causes of male infertility like taking drugs, eating tobacco, smoking, emotional stress, and depression. All these factors can have a negative impact on your sperm production.


There can be more than one infertility cause is being experienced by infertile couples. It may possible that both partners need to undergo a number of tests. In certain cases, the causes are not easily identified. There is some male infertility test that can help you to figure out the cause behind infertility. Your doctor may ask you certain question with reference to illness, chronic health problem, injuries and surgeries that may affect your fertility. Besides this, semen analysis is also done to evaluate your sperm health. The doctor will take the sample in a container and measure the number of sperm present in semen and its shape and motility will be checked. Apart from this, your doctor might suggest hormone testing, genetic testing, scrotal ultrasound, and specialized sperm function test.


  There is various male infertility treatment available depending upon the cause. If male suffering with varicocele then it can be surgically corrected or vas deferens is repaired. If the sperms are absent in ejaculation then it can be directly retrieved from the testicles. In some cases, the doctor may recommend your hormone treatment and medication if you have a low level of hormones. After all the treatments if you are still not able to become a father then your doctor may recommend assisted reproductive technique (ART).

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