Points To Remember Before Using Menstrual Cup

by Dolly K. Digital Marketing Executive

Menstrual cups are tiny flexible funnel-shaped cups used to collect the menstrual blood. However, as simple as menstrual cups sound, people don’t find using them as simple. Probably because the majority of us lack the knowledge of the features and distinctiveness of these essential feminine products. So here’s a brief guide explaining how to choose the right cup for you, how much it costs and how to use it. 


Menstrual cups have been recognized as the most effective way to hold blood - it holds more blood than any other period product. There are multiple reusable menstrual cups accessible making them cost-friendly as well. 

How to insert a menstrual cup?

Everyone who has used tampons earlier won’t find inserting a menstrual cup tough; however, for those who are new to the product, we have compiled all those basic points to be considered. 

- Maintain high-level hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly before and after usage of the menstrual cup. 

- Tightly fold the cup in the upper half with the rim of the funnel facing upwards. 

- Insert the cup inside the vagina and ensure you keep it below a couple of inches from the cervix.

- Once you feel it has reached the desired point, try to rotate the cup so that it gets connected with the walls and the seal becomes airtight. 

Also, you can wear a menstrual cup during your period for six to twelve hours, depending on your flow.

How much does it cost?

Menstrual cups have been recognized as one of the most cost-effective products to adopt as compared to any other period product such as tampons or pads. You can buy menstrual cups online or from any nearby medical store quite easily. Menstrual cups can be used repeatedly and these reusable cups are investments that need to be accounted for one-time-only unlike pads or tampons which makes these products more budget-friendly in the long run. 

How to choose the right fit?

We would highly recommend you speak to your gynaecologist before picking up a menstrual cup. Smaller cups are often suggested for women younger than the age of thirty years and who have not delivered a child vaginally. Large menstrual cups are available for women above thirty years who have delivered a child or have a heavier flow during their period. 

Few advantages of menstrual cups-

In addition to being one of the most budget friendly menstrual products, these menstrual cups are much safer to use as well. They don’t carry the risk of TSS as they collect blood rather absorbing it. Let’s not ignore the fact that they are eco-friendly essential feminine products. 


These bell-shaped cups made of silicone or rubber are highly budget-friendly and good for the planet. When a cup is inserted, it creates an airtight seal around the vaginal walls, preventing it from leaking. However, while using menstrual cups, one needs to understand the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene and wash their hands before and after inserting the cup, every time. 


Cup aftercare includes proper cleansing of the reusable cups. They should be washed and wiped after use. Also, these reusable cups shall not be used for more than 6 to 12 months or as directed otherwise, by the manufacturer of the product. 

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