Plus Size Vintage Dresses: Styles, Colours and Designs that Fit Today's Trends

by Avadhesh Sharma SEO Analyst

Garments and clothing styles that were in fashion in earlier times are generically termed vintage clothing at present. Dressing in vintage style nowadays is about sporting vintage garments in trending styles and therefore creating an the attire that encircles several periods. Hence vintage styles are also referred to as retro styles.

The concept of vintage clothing came up during World War I with the notion of reusing old clothes to meet up the shortage in textile. Hence vintage clothing was sold at quite a low price. But in the present time, the concept of vintage clothing is the latest and highly demanded in fashion. The vintage clothing is found at local boutiques, renowned clothing stores and in various textile businesses that operate over the internet.

Vintage Inspired Fashion

Fashion designers have always turned back to prior periods for inspiration. The vintage styles bear the significance from a past era which increases their value. The fashion of modern vintage is a blend of high street clothing and vintage styled dresses. High waist bottoms, bold prints and collared shirts together provide a modern look that is inspired by vintage.

A vintage look can be achieved simply by pairing few staple pieces of vintage clothes with clothing items already existing in the closet. A plain and simple white cotton blouse is a must in a modern vintage wardrobe. Loud prints make quite a great vintage statement, but it has to be toned down with plain modern clothes. Some ideas of vintage fashions are as follows -

• Layering plain white vintage blouses with modern and colourful unique cardigans

• Toning down bold vintage print dresses with solid coloured jackets

• High waist bottoms are signature vintage outfits, pairing them with a simple collared top creates an effortless look

• T-shirts with seeing skirts give a typical feminine look of the 1940s and the 1950s. This combination of clothes is most comfortable for the plus size.

• Dresses and skirts with ankle or calf-length that sit high on the waist is also an example of vintage attire. It can easily be paired with modern accessories.


Rounded toe cutting shoes with white laces are highly inspired by vintage styles. Sporting a pair of these shoes or maybe leather loafers would add a modern yet vintage touch to any outfit.

Vintage outfits are highly chosen by most people all over the world. Plus size women vintage dress wholesale market is observed as the most focused market segment.


Vintage Textiles

Vintage textiles belong to the ancient era and hence they are values as quite precious assets. These clothing styles hets passed on from one generation to another and are thus called heirloom clothing. The vintage textiles call for a lot of care. It requires protection from light, humidity, temperature and insects. Intense sunlight makes the fibre brittle and fade. Again warmth and moisture might create stains on the fabric which attracts insects.

Woollen and silk fabrics are especially needed to be preserved in an environment free of moisture. Many textile companies that provide vintage clothing in recent times go with using 100 per cent cotton for producing these dress materials.


Vintage and Today's Trends

Fashion trends are highly cyclical. Among many fashion trends that come and go, a few selected bunch has staying power. The vintage and vintage-inspired trends are considered as most sustainable trends moving in the same direction. Some of these trends which are highly appreciated in recent times are as follows -

1. The printed scarf draws inspiration from the 1970s when it ruled as a fashion statement. It can be worn around the neck, torso or in hair.

2. Vests or waistcoats in their fancy version have taken over the suiting trend. Layering a waistcoat or a vest over a turtleneck or under a blazer provides an ultimate vintage look and are highly trending nowadays.

3. Funny prints set an excellent example of vintage fashion. In the ongoing year, funky prints are found most commonly everywhere and are chosen over other patterns like stripes or checks. The prints are found quite common for the plus size women's vintage dress.

4. Granny florals prints are one of the top contenders among vintage fashion items. The vintage floral prints are very soothing in the summer months and are considered ideal for an easy dressing.

Old is always gold. Dressing styles trending in the present time might not be relevant in the near future but they would come back in style over time eventually. Style statements should be strictly followed by self comfortability and will.

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