Plastic Injection Moulding and Its Many Benefits

by Alfie Davies Financial Manager

You must have heard about various kinds of moulding and their immense use in our daily activities. Plastic injection moulding is one of the most common techniques, used in a number of industries for a variety of purposes. There are several tool-making companies in South Africa which use plastic injection moulding for their different purposes.

You need to understand what plastic injection moulding is and how it is helpful?

While most of our homes are filled with objects which are created with the help of plastic injection moulding, many of us have no idea how it works. Now, you will have some idea about it because this is an advanced technique, which is used all over by the tool-making companies.

What is plastic injection moulding?

Injection moulding, among other moulding processes, is considered to be the most versatile, as it can be used to produce a variety of parts, ranging in both size and shape and a highly reliable solution for producing large numbers of precise components.

Basically, plastic injection moulding requires plastic to travel through a heated barrel, thus liquefying it and then into a pre-made mould where it hardens again. The material used in plastic injection moulding is thermoplastic, a polymer, also known as thermo-softening plastic because of the softening effect, heat has on the material. The properties of thermoplastic allow it to liquefy at a high temperature and then set into a solid state once it cools. One remarkable thing about thermoplastics is that they can repeat the melting or freezing process many times, making them valuable for various uses, especially when it comes to injection moulding.

What are the different benefits of using plastic injection moulding?

·         Design Flexibility

The injection moulding process involves high-pressure injection which enables the formation of complex shapes, also making it possible to add significant details to the design of a part or product. Therefore, compared to all other moulding techniques, plastic injection moulding offers better design flexibility and allows for a high-level of customisation.

·         Efficiency

Once the exact mould has been designed as per the requirements and the injection moulding machine set, the actual moulding method is swift in contrast to other moulding methods. Owing to its unique and swift nature, several additional parts can be easily manufactured, and in much less time. The entire process is thus time-saving.

·         Strength Enhancement

Plastic injection moulding allows the use of different fillers in the mould, unlike other moulding methods. Such fillers, in the form of silica, some in the form of calcium carbonate or other kinds of minerals, can help in improving the hardness and rigidity along with building sturdiness and durability of the material.

·         Cost-Effective

It is also more cost-effective than other moulding methods and is apt for the creation of very high volumes of precise parts and once production begins the cost per part drops considerably, making the process very easy on the pocket for high volume runs.

If you need plastic injection moulding done or any similar service, get in touch with a reputed company, which offers the relevant services.

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