Plantronics!!! The One and Only What Makes Plantronics Best Brand in Headset Industry

by Usman Raza Good things come when we wait for them

Purchasing a product and purchasing one from a reliable brand are two very different things. Unbranded products definitely cost low but a low cost is the only advantage that they offer to the customers. In terms of quality, you simply cannot trust them. Other than that, they have severe performance issues and their lifespan cannot be predicted in any way. Thus, when you are purchasing any product online, you should be sure that you are buying it from a reputed brand.

Plantronics, the leader of the headset industry

With the passage of time, the role of headsets has changed completely. Nowadays, these devices are not used to listen to songs only. They are used to perform various professional duties as well. When you talk about one brand that rules the headset industry, only one name would come to your mind and that is Plantronics. It is an undoubted fact that it is the best company dealing in wired headsets, wireless headsets, aviation headphones and other kinds of communication devices. However, the company is not at the very top without core reasons. There are various areas in which this company is better than other brands dealing in headsets. Due to these benefits, customers prefer it over all brands that produce hearing devices.

Given below are some of the many benefits that this titan headset brand offers.

  1. Quality devices with the latest technological features

Customers of Plantronics have a clear idea that it offers hearing devices with the most advanced technological features. In the modern day business environment, headsets with the latest features have become mandatory. One of these features is noise cancellation. Most users who look at wireless headset options do not even have the basic idea of what noise cancellation is. When you want to talk comfortably while being present in a noisy environment, it is essential to have a hearing device that has a proper noise cancellation feature. How does this feature prove to be helpful? Noise cancellation feature blocks the worst environmental noises so that the users can communicate getting perturbed. Almost every headset company dealing in wireless devices claims to provide quality devices with dependable noise cancellation features at unbelievably low prices. However, most of these headset companies are only about talking. When it comes to producing quality, they simply do not have acceptable caliber.

  1. Wireless connectivity that simply stands out

There is no reason to have a wireless headset when you cannot hear the voice of a caller clearly if you are not standing next to the device. This is exactly what happens when you opt for an unbranded device instead of a dependable branded headset. You cannot expect any wireless connectivity issues if you have a Plantronics headset. Whether you are taking a call while standing next to the device or away from it, you would not face any form of call distortion. Apart from that the Bluetooth range which the devices of this company have cannot be compared to what other companies have to offer. Some headsets produced by the company even have a range of 350 feet including CS510 and CS540.

At the corporate level, Bluetooth connectivity with a good range actually makes a lot of difference. For example, people working in the brokerage industry use wireless hearing devices on daily basis. These people get all day and they need to check market conditions on the hourly basis or even before that. Thus, they cannot afford to be present at their desks and take their calls in a comfortable manner. A wireless device that offers high standard connectivity actually makes a lot of difference for them. This allows them to take important calls from their customers even when they are not at work, driving or while being at home.

As a company, Plantronics has taken over other headset companies because it actually offers what other companies only talk about. For instance, other brands simply make promises about offering Bluetooth connectivity which would work at a good distance. However, this is certainly not the case with this reputed brand. The caliber of Bluetooth connectivity offered by the headsets is quite incomparable. Even if you have obstacles between you and the device with which the headset is paired, your ongoing call would not be disturbed in any way.

  1. A comfort level which you can only imagine

  • Good to wear hearing devices

It is actually very hard to get your hands on a hearing device which can be worn for long hours without making the user tired. If you have a headset by this amazing brand, you cannot even imagine tiredness. The reputed brand places the comfort of the customer at the highest level of priority. Headsets have a soft thick covering made of leather on the speakers. You cannot compare these headsets with the ones that have thin foam covering due to which they prove to be hurtful for the ears. The soft leather padding is thick and the headsets can be worn easily for long durations. Whether you are participating in a lengthy meeting session at work or talking to one of your friends while driving towards home, you would not face any comfort problems. As the company pays so much attention to the comfort level of the hearing devices, customers do not even imagine buying another brand. When a customer buys a wired or wireless headset, he expects the device to be good to wear in every way. This is only possible if the device is comfortable.

  • Lightly weighted hearing devices

For users, it is hard to go with a headset that is heavy. Hearing devices that have weight exert constant weight on the head and neck. In medical terms, this can cause strain and spasm. If you consider Plantronics for buying hearing devices, you would get your hands on the lightest options. Even headsets that have been produced for gamers which look heavy are light weighted and professional gamers do not even feel anything on their head while they are wearing this device.

  1. Attractive battery talk time options

Buying a wireless headset can only prove to be a good decision when the battery offers a good talk time. During important official meetings, a lot of inconveniences is caused when the headset suddenly runs out of power. This certainly does not happen when you are using one of the quality headsets by this high standard brand. Most wireless headsets have a talk time of 6 hours or more. Thus, users prefer this brand as they do not have to keep a charger with them at all times and recharge the headset on the frequent basis. When the device has such a good standby time, it can be used for good time frames without frequent recharging.

A good battery talk time is very important if you plan to use the device at work.  When you are involved in an important conference call and your headset suddenly runs out of power, you can face a lot of professional issues. In addition to that, while being at work, people do not have the time to recharge the headset after every few hours.  The problem can worsen if you do not have a charger with you at that time.

Users who use Plantronics headsets do not need to go through any of these issues. Some wireless headsets including the CS520 provide an amazing talk time of 9 hours after being completely charged. This simply means that you do not have to recharge the device for an entire day at work. In this way, you can continue important calls at work without the device running out of power. When you are not using the headset, the battery gets consumed at a slow rate or the device simply goes into standby mode. This simply means that if you are not using the device, it does not have to be recharged quickly as the battery would be consumed at a slower rate. The time required to recharge the headsets by this brand is less as compared to what the time that other headsets require. The user can charge the device fully by charging it for a short span.

These high standard wireless hearing devices have an alert system through which the user is alarmed about a dying battery. In this way, he gets the chance to charge the device before it runs out of power and gets off.

  1. Provision of Soundguard Technology

This reputed brand takes a lot of care of its customers. While using low standard wireless devices, your hearing capability can be adversely affected on a sever scale if there is a rapid sound frequency fluctuation. Wireless hearing devices by this high standard company have soundguard technology so that the maximum protection for the human ear can be provided. Sound Guard provides complete protection against spikes and keeps the frequency of the heard sound below the recommended sound frequency range. In this way, users use these incredible hearing devices without thinking or worrying about sound spikes. With soundguard technology, the problem of spikes is combated in a perfect manner.

Unlike this reputed brand, various other headset companies do not take any measures to provide ear protection to the user. Thus, considering any other brand can prove to be a wrong decision.  A lot of professions use wireless headsets including contact center personnel. During their work shifts, they get numerous calls from different geographical locations.  Customer support professionals do face the risk of sound spikes regularly. As a customer support professional, if you are using a wireless headset by this amazing company, you would not face any risks related to sound spikes.

  1. Quality headsets with DECT technology

If you are communicating on a call and other Wi-Fi connections are being used around, the signals of these connections would interfere with the signs of your incoming call. This would eventually affect the call quality and you would find it hard to hear the voice of the incoming caller. The voice would drop and even the call would get dropped.

If you consider Plantronics for buying a headset company, your calls would not get disturbed even if you have Wi-Fi connections around you. Quality DECT technology blocks all kinds of Wi-Fi interferences and callers can carry on their communication without any form of distortion.

  1. Smart Sensors and auto answer features

It is hard to get a wireless headset that has a proper auto answer option. Plantronics is an elite headset company and offers auto answer features to its users. In this way, users can answer their calls simply by giving voice commands without using any controls. This option provides a lot of convenience to the user as he can answer calls even if he is unable to use controls. For instance, if you are taking an important call while running on the treadmill, you would not be able to use controls and answer a call. This is when you can use voice commands and entertain your calls.

The wireless headsets produced by this company include highly advanced features. One of these advanced features is a set of smart sensors. With the help of these smart sensors, if you are listening to a music file and you get an incoming call, the music file would be paused and you would hear the voice of the caller without using any commands. Once the call would end, the music file would be played again from where it was stopped. Similarly, when you are listening to a music file and the headset is taken off, the file would be paused. Similarly, when you would put the headset on again, the file would be replayed from where it was paused. You would not find such convenient options if you use headsets by any other brand.

  1. Proper headset options according to the nature of use

Headsets and headphones are used by various people and each of them uses them for a different purpose. As the purpose is different, the requirements also vary from one user from the other. For example, both customer support professionals and stock traders use wireless headsets but the purposes are very different. Thus, they would not prefer headsets that have the same features.

Some of the many categories for which headsets are produced by this reputed brand are listed below.

  • Aviation Professionals

People who work as aviation professionals seek devices with a very specific set of features. These devices need to be light weighted and there should be no communication problems as these professionals need to communicate with the base. In addition to that, this communication takes place at regular intervals. Thus, the voice clarity provided the headset needs to be nothing less than exceptional. Aviation professionals need to wear the device for long spans of time whether they are pilots or working in any other sector of this industry. They require the device to be highly comfortable to wear so that they do not feel any kind of irritation during flights.

This exceptional headset company has a complete list of headset options for aviation professionals. These quality devices fulfill all the requirements which they look for including crystal clear communication, exceptional sound quality, less weight and noise cancellation.

  • Customer assistance professionals

The job duties which customer support professionals need to perform require them to wear headsets for long hours. Plantronics headsets are simply ideal for customer support professionals because of they all the features which these professionals seek.

One of these features is noise cancellation. Wireless headsets recommended for the customer support industry have a high-quality option for noise cancellation. If you are working as a customer support professional, you would not get disturbed even if you are working in the noisiest of atmospheres. Customer support professionals normally work in an environment which is not very calm. This is simply because numerous agents work together and handle customer queries at the same time. To handle customer calls properly in such a noisy environment, it is important that the headset has the finest feature for noise cancellation.  If you buy wireless devices from this reputed brand, you would be able to entertain customer calls without getting disturbed by any noises in the background.

Customer support professionals need devices with a high comfort level. It is quite hard to wear a headset for the entire work shift if it is not comfortable to wear. If you opt for this high standard headset company, you can get your hands on the most comfortable and good to wear hearing devices. These devices have a proper soft padding on the speakers and users are able to wear them even for a complete day without any kind of discomfort.

Stock Traders

Taking calls is an integral part of the job duties that stock traders perform. First of all, these professionals need to watch trade market screens and communicate with various people at the same time. People call them to know about the status of their investments, market conditions and various other details as well. The calls are not restricted to office hours only and stockbrokers even get calls even after they are home.

Stock Traders usually prefer wireless headsets with “on the ear” design that have a good standby time. With this dependable headset brand by your side, you can get your hands on headsets which are perfectly suitable for the headset industry. These devices have a very impressive talk time so that stock professionals can take important calls without their device running out of power. Most headsets used by stockbrokers have a minimum continuous talk time of 6 hours.

These headsets have exceptional noise cancellation options. This headset brand is not like headset companies which merely talk about noise cancellation options and their customers get disturbed while taking on important calls. The noise cancellation options are completely dependable. Whether you are working as a stock trader or any other professional, background sounds would not even enter your ear in any manner.

Wireless headsets by this company have one of the best options for Bluetooth connectivity. The quality of connectivity is incomparable and so is the range. You can enjoy the best wireless communication at a distance of 350 feet. With these headsets, you do not have to restrict yourself to one room and continue your calls. By using these flexible devices, you can even walk to the next room and converse comfortably. Bluetooth connectivity is also essential if you want to communicate while you are driving or walking on the road.

  1. The most dependable customer support team

This amazing headset company is at the very top due to multiple reasons and one of them is the level of customer support that it offers. As a customer, if you have issues with a device that you are using or you need to get information about one prior to purchasing, you can get in touch with the support team without any hesitation. The support team ensures that customers are satisfied with the assistance and their problems are resolved with any time delays. Customers can get in touch with this high standard support team simply by emailing their query. Emails are replied in short durations. Customers who need quicker responses can also chat with one of the representatives online.

Customers prefer this amazing company over all the other options due to various reasons. This company has reached the very top because it works with a sincere approach and serves customers in a very effective manner.  When it comes to the quality of the hearing device, you would get nothing less than the absolute best. The sound quality is exceptional and so is the comfort level offered. There is another factor due to which this company is preferred more than all other brands and that is the economical rates which it has. If you go through the features that it has, you would figure out that the charged rates are quite affordable.

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