Planning to Trademark Your Logo? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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After a great deal of time and effort, you have come up with your brand’s identity mark. Your business goals are laid down, products and services are defined and the audience you intend to target is also determined. You are likely to hit the market in a couple of week with your distinctive company logo design. But, hold on for a moment! Have you taken the appropriate measures through trademark law to protect the designs as well as your business? Trademarking your logo is essentially important. A trademark is a symbol or a mark that distinguishes a business from others. The purpose of a trademark is to safeguard the interests and interests of a brand. For instance, you walk in a branded shoe showroom, there you see a pair of sneakers with a swoosh symbol. It is evident that the mark will remind you of one of the leading sports companies, ‘Nike.’ This is why it is necessary to get your logo trademarked. 

Generally, there is a common question that bothers people as ‘What Kind of Protection Does a Trademark Provide?’

Let’s understand this with example. Suppose, a company starts offering its products under a company logo design that originally belongs to you. Do you realise the consequences of such infringement? Maybe, your customers begin trusting their products. There is a possibility that your sales will plummet, and profits will start declining as your customer base has shifted hands. Additionally, using your design by another entity may evoke confusion in the customers’ minds. Owning a trademarked logo prohibits any such act of infringement and you’re liable to follow a legal route in order to sue such companies.  

Who Holds the Ownership of the Logo Trademark?

The ownership of the trademark is bestowed upon the individuals or associates who use the trademark in respect of products in trade. It is obvious that the person using the trademark reserves all the rights and liabilities relating to it. 

Upon registration, a logo converts into a trademark in the eyes of law. However, it attains the term ‘trademark’ when it is affixed on packages or on products or online platforms. For instance, you witness a design representing golden arches. You may immediately think of Mcdonald’s Happy Meal as it is trademarked.

Now, comes the vital question as of ‘Which Type of Logos Are Eligible for Registration?’

Every type of trademark is not eligible for registration. If you are planning to set up a chai junction and name it as ‘chai ho Jaye’, then definitely you will have to take a very long path in obtaining the trademark. According to trademark law, generic names or logos are not approved as a trademark. Brand names such as Apple and Puma are considered as strongest trademarks due to a number of reasons. One of them is that they are unique, and do not carry any relevance with the goods under protection. 

It is not legally required to use the symbols ™ or ® on every letterhead or newsletter or other places where the trademark appears. 

How to get these into a company’s message or a text?

  • If you’re using a computer with ‘Windows’ installed, simply press ‘Alt’ key with ‘0153’ to put ‘™’ symbol or ‘0174’ to insert the trademark registered symbol.  
  • If you are using an Apple operating system, press the ‘Option’ with the number ‘2’ for ™. For inserting ®, hold ‘Option’ along the letter ‘R.’     

Hope, you have found this information relevant. For any query or assistance, feel free to connect with us. 

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