Physiotherapy proves to be boon for Back Pain Sufferers

by Physios NearMe Physiotherapy

Our back keeps us going and is an essential body part that supports the weight of the body. It works with coordination of backbones, muscles, and ligaments. Though it is strong to support the weight of entire body the delicate combination also needs to be taken care to ensure it does not result in back pain or other serious injuries that can make you bedridden or lead to spinal injury. Our spine is made of vertebrae aligned one on the other and many spinal issues lead to acute or chronic back pain due to spacing or misalignment of the vertebras that can take away sleep of back pain sufferers. If you are having back for a week or a month then it is nothing to worry about; with some rest and heat therapy, it will subside. But if the pain subsides for more than a month or two then it’s time to seek medical advice.

Most of the people opt for chiropractor but that is not advisable if the cause of pain is not clear. Chiropractors believe that spinal adjustment or rectifying the posture of the affected area will help the body to naturally heal itself. Whereas physiotherapy is more of a holistic approach that believes in regulated bodily movements leading that will internally heal and strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments leading pain reduction and swelling. So here are some stretching exercises suggested by physiotherapists that one can do at home for back pain relief:

Ø     Knee to chest pull and stretch: Lie down on the back and pull your right knee towards the chest gently with hands. Make sure to do this in slow motion without giving a jerk to the body and hold it for 20 seconds. Do the same thing alternatively with the left knee; it helps to relax the stiff back and makes it flexible.

Ø    Prone press up: Lie on the stomach and hands on the side. Slowly pull yourself from the ground and stay put for 10 seconds. It will help to relax the back muscles. Repeat the stretch and hold for 30 seconds.

Ø    Prayer Pose: Sit on the knees and relax your torso then slowly bend your lower back on the front in child or prayer pose. It is beneficial for lower back, spine, and buttocks and should be repeated 5-6times with a 10-15 second hold in the beginning.

Ø     Angry Cat Pose: Just like an angry cat on his all fours is ready to attack you have to be on your all four and relax and flex the back. Let the belly loose and repeat the exercise for 5-6 times initially and hold for 5seconds. Slowly increase the repetitions; this will help to strengthen the back muscles and increase the mobility of the body leading to alleviation of pain and swelling. But make sure not to jerk the back while flexing and use a yoga mat rather than doing it on a hard surface.

Ø  Stretching Nerves: Just like stretching the muscles is essential; so is nerve stretching. Lie on the back and gently stretch every nerve of the body. It helps to open the nerves and removes blockages in the nerve if any. It will help to increase the mobility and reduces back pain.

To conclude,Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain can happen at any age and these physiotherapy exercises can help to relax and reduce pain. It will help to strengthen the back and you can start practicing or working out over time. So don’t wait if you are suffering from a prolonged back and contact us now for private sessions. 

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