Personality quizzes: the secret of success in recruitment

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Can you make the decision to hire someone based on the information on your CV and the one you draw from the personal interview? Would you like to know more about each candidate? The personality quizzes are the instrument that will allow you to know data, as relevant as the punctuality of a candidate, his attention to detail, his orientation to objectives, his assertiveness or his ability to help others.


At the end of the day, the job applicant is the only source of information available, except when it is possible to resort to contrasted references. And, even in these cases, it is not realistic to rely on previous employers to obtain data on the candidate for a position; so, in the end, it is necessary to trust what the person who is interested in filling the vacancy offered by the organization.

However, did you realize that the closest someone gets to perfection is in their CV? Have you noticed that many candidates even try to transform the defects into virtues during the interview? "70% of SMEs use some type of psychometric test" and, surely, you are already thinking about the need to have a personality questionnaire that provides objectivity to the process.

Accurate information, successful recruitment: the advantages of the personality questionnaire

The personality questionnaire allows informed decisions, aligned with the expectations of the company. Among its advantages are:

·        This instrument allows to make predictions about the chances of success of the person who is considered for a given position.

·        Based on the results obtained, a personal interview of higher quality, more objective and in depth can be conducted.

·        Using the personality questionnaire during the selection process reduces job dissatisfaction, increases business productivity and prevents turnover and absenteeism.

Through an analysis of this type you can discover and confirm the qualities and unique characteristics of an applicant. In addition, the vision that you have about your motivations, expectations and priorities allows you to prevent possible conflicts and avoid them before making a hiring decision.

According to a study on labor relations in European countries, " in Europe, the most used tools for hiring executives for a company are: application forms, employment interviews and questionnaires ".

A personality quizzes, when it complements the assessment of CVs and the personal interview makes it possible to decide:

·        With greater consistency: the curriculum vitae of a person does not allow to find out if it is the most suitable option to fill a vacancy, something that cannot be concluded many times with the interview. However, with the objective support of the data extracted from the questionnaire, comparisons and findings can be made that would otherwise be hidden.

·        Reducing costs: both those of the selection process, as well as those of incorporation in the template. The personality questionnaire is also used to identify key features in the best employees of the company and look for them in the new candidates. It is a way to optimize the recruitment and ensure the adequacy of the professional for the position.

·        Based on a more complete vision: once the result of the personality questionnaire is known, a better understanding of the candidate is achieved. This perspective contributes to increase the effectiveness of the personal interview, which can be conducted towards more relevant and enlightening aspects.

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