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How can any day be complete without some amazing food? Food is truly the weak point of every human being and without it, it’s barely possible to survive through the day. But it is not always that we get good food. One has to go through the hardships of life to get to the meal that will satisfy their soul. You have to go through the following three things in life to get to your plate of satisfaction.

1.    Traffic
The biggest test of patience is to face the traffic of the busy cities we live in. One has to go through this hassle to reach a restaurant. The honks, the cuts, the jams and finally an open road to slam all are a part and parcel of this process. Have you felt like whenever you want to go to get good food, the whole world will be traveling in the same direction as you? It is as if everyone on the road is determined to block your way to good food. Thus, the traffic stage makes sure to test your mental agility and patience. 

2.    Parking
The second test on the path to satisfaction is the search for a parking spot. Most restaurants today are located on busy streets so finding a parking spot is not very easy. Also, given the compact nature of construction and the high soaring price of real estate it is almost difficult for a restaurant to have a private parking spot unless it’s a huge restaurant. Sometimes your parking spot will be so far that you’d have to walk quite a bit. You’d want to gorge on a nice meal and head straight to bed but that entire difficult task to walk to the restaurant from your vehicle parking. Hence the parking stage tests both physical and mental endurance.

3.    The Waiter and Restaurant Service
The final stage of this test for a great plate of food is when you enter the restaurant. On a busy night or a weekend night, you might be greeted with a waiting line. But on other days you’ll get in easily. It is once you get seated that the test begins. No matter how busy the meal service is that day, you’ll be the last one to get a waiter to get you a menu. No sooner than you get the menu card, the waiter will start pestering you to order. The tedious task of choosing the right dish needs its time and can’t be done under the pressure of someone waiting to hear the right order form you. Once done, comes the time for service. But it is as though the chef knows that you are super hungry and he is hell-bent on annoying you. There will never be quick service especially when you’re starving. You’ll feel like every table in the room is served but yours and the aroma of food keep making you hungry. This stage hence tests your resilience and patience.

It is when you successfully clear stage 3 with the waiter that you finally get good food. Did this process already make you sweat? TalkCharge will take care of your woes. Introducing to you FreshMenu and Faasos Offer to make your meal a delight. Simply order via the TalkCharge platform using the Faasos and Freshmenu Coupons and get good food at your doorstep. Forget the woes and eat your heart out while even saving a ton of money. Stuck at the office or too tired to step out? Well, Faasos and FreshMenu have a list of food products that will make your day without even stepping out of your comfort zone.

TalkCharge also offers some great cashbacks on every transaction using the FreshMenu and Faasos Offers via its platform. These Cashbacks can then be redeemed on any of the other services provided by TalkCharge to make your life easier. So now crib no more when you have a craving for an amazing meal. Just log on to TalkCharge, use the Promocodes and order delicious food from Faasos and FreshMenu

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