Performance testing requirements checklist

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The implementation of software testing requires a planned approach, metrics, systematic processes, skilled and competent team, and lastly a specific timeframe to complete it successfully. Performance testing is one of the most important types of software testing that ensures a software product or application is stable, scalable, responsive, and high in performance. In order to conduct performance testing in a productive and rewarding manner, a thoughtful requirements checklist is needed. In this article, you will know about the performance testing requirements checklist.

What is performance testing?
It is a testing method where the stability and responsiveness of a software product or application are evaluated under a varying or specific workload. In order to analyze the reliability, robustness, and speed of a software application, performance testing is performed.
The objective of performance testing includes assessing command response times, workload efficiency, memory utilization, maximum concurrent users, network bandwidth usage, data transfer velocity, processing speed, and application output.
Following are the four key points that are included in the performance testing requirements

1. Ascertain those applications that require performance testing: The team must clearly know what are the specific types of applications that need to be tested. In order for the performance test plan to be rewarding, analyzing the right applications for testing is crucial.

Following are a few key points that need to be pondered upon:
 The application is a mobile, web, or a desktop application
 The application’s operating system
 The specific performance testing software that needs to be used for testing the application
 The specific testing environments
Delays can be prevented and issues can be resolved through a well-defined test plan.

2. The aim of load testing: An application’s performance can be tested during peak load times or the application’s stability can be tested under a heavy workload. A peak load time is a specific amount of time, where more requests are received by the application than usual either during the specific days of the year or specific time of the day. The experience of a peak load time is simulated by QA testers
and performance testing metrics are collected so that the software’s performance can be analyzed.

3. Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): When the performance testing metrics are properly established, the QA team can carry out the performance testing process in a streamlined manner.

KPIs need to be chosen wisely because these KPIs are developed to monitor system behavior, database server metrics, response times, and application server metrics.
QA teams must track the following performance metrics:

 Response time: The amount of time it takes to send a request and receive a response
 Wait time: The amount of time it takes for the first byte to be received once a request is sent
 Peak response time: The amount of time it takes in order to fulfill a specific request
 Error rate: Ascertaining the percentage of requests that result in errors when compared to
all sent requests
 CPU utilization: In order to process requests, the amount of time that the CPU needs.
4. The plug-ins and specific software need to be identified: Specialized performance testing software is often required by plug-ins and specific software in order to properly test them. The plug-in or specific software that needs to be tested should have a proper test plan to conduct performance testing. Outside resources may be required for assistance in line with consulting software testing experts, written guides, and reviewing manuals.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing performance testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a premium software testing services company that will provide you with a workable testing roadmap that is in line with your project-specific requirements.

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