Peanuts Health Facts, Things Peanuts Suppliers Don’t Tell You

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional
Peanuts are widely grown in the sub-tropical regions as well as in the tropical regions. Ideally, warm weather and well drained soil are some of the most important prerequisites for growing peanuts. You should know that India is at the second place in the list of the top peanut producing countries. India is one of the largest peanuts suppliers in the world.

About peanuts:

Although you might think that peanuts are a type of nuts but in reality they are a type of legumes. The pods of peanuts grow underground and for that reason it is oftentimes called Arachis hypogaea. The term hypogaea itself means “underground”. Peanuts actually help in injecting nitrogen into the soil thereby increasing fertility of the soil. A type of symbiotic bacteria resides in their root nodules that produce ammonia from nitrogen. The peanut plant utilizes this ammonia to make necessary proteins and the bacteria in its turn lives off the sugars produced by the plant.

Nutritional value of peanuts:

You should know that when it comes to nutrition, peanuts have as much nutrients as do almonds and walnut. Even the premium groundnuts suppliers often fail to mention the nutritional value of nuts. You should know that nuts contain a number of proteins vitamins and minerals. Nuts also contain some essential fats. Below is a list of nutrients found in peanuts and their importance:


As it is rightly said, proteins are building blocks of life and peanuts are a great source of protein. An average cup of peanuts contains about 38 grams of protein which the body needs for doing its day to day activities.


If you want your diet to be healthy then it must include fat. Although you might think that the ideal diet has to be fat free, it is not actually so. More than 75% of calories in peanuts come from fat. But this is not the harmful kind of fat as this actually decreases cholesterol as well as heart disease and diabetes risks.


Peanuts contain a number of vitamins in them which help regulate appetite and aid in digestion and metabolism. These are absolutely essential for getting a great skin. One of the vitamins peanuts contain is folate. This is reduces a foetus’s risk of developing any birth defect.

Peanuts contain some minerals that increase immunity in general. They’re also essential for ensuring bone health as well as tooth health.

Peanuts also contain fiber which is essential for losing weight. Peanuts also help control type two diabetes.

Some eminent red dry chilli exporters in India are also well known peanuts suppliers.

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