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Some first-time buyers find it confusing when PCB manufacturing industries tell them that the costing varies per customer. It's time to explain and discuss briefly how the computation of costs in the PCB Company is done.

Truly speaking, the client's demands directly affect the PCB manufacturing industries’ approach towards the production procedures. This article will highlight the particulars under both PCB assembly and fabrication processes, which can result in the PCB manufacturing costs.

Have it in mind that's the final reports from PCB manufacturing industries display that there is a 7% average increase in demands for PCB assembly and fabrication. Data from China also displayed a doubled improvement rate in Printed circuit production.
There is nothing more important than analyzing costs. Make sure you have the full understanding of the factors that can greatly affect PCB manufacturing if your products need for PCB assembly and fabrication

Here are the elements that influence the PCB manufacturing cost:
1. PCB Bare Board cost breakdown and calculator
Production of the mere board itself contains a lot of components that can influence what the PCB manufacturing companies most likely to state. Mere boards with numerous complex attributes will also cost more than a simple one as more steps are added into the PCB assembly and fabrication progression.

2. PCB raw material cost
There are numerous options for materials used in PCB manufacturing. From the amount of copper used to the number of sheets required- all of the lists that are included in the design can surely build-up to the costs. The materials themselves will dictate how cheap or costly the while process cost.

A flexible board is more expensive than a rigid board. Using another material like an epoxy raisin, nickel, gold, lead, fiberglass, silver, polyimides, and accelerating fire resistance also cost note. Considerate selection of material is recommended.

It is also advisable to reasoning with your PCB manufacturing company about the list of raw materials they are using. Look for changes in which you can save on the materials’ cost during the PCB assembly and fabrication stages

3. PCB Board Size and Thickness Cost
Compare to the raw materials, when looking into the production costs, the thickness and size of the board are huge factors that must be considered.
The bigger the PCB board size, the bigger the number of raw materials needed during PCB assembly and fabrication. There’s also the size of the PCB relative to the panel, the raw material that is cut into smaller measurements.

4. PCB Layer Count Cost
Here’s something that needs to be understood. There's a lot of questions about this content. Layer count consists of the number of layers that contain a single PCB. This component is a major cost determinant in PCB manufacturing.

A double-sided and a single-sided PCB generally cost the same. What makes the costing soar is the number of layers.

5. PCB Assembly Cost
The PCB assembly stage of the PCB manufacturing is composed of having mutual or related processes that affect the costing. Several components are also included when talking about PCB assembly costs. Some of these factors include:

  • Blind versus Buried Vias
  • Drill size and count
  • SMT versus through-hole
  • Complex parts
  • Technology
  • Via fill
  • Packaging
  • Assembly techniques
  • Payment methods

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