[Partha Banerjee Dubai] Take Care of Your Kidneys When You Have Diabetes

by Partha Banerjee Partha Banerjee Dubai

Kidneys are the most vital organ in your body. It is responsible for waste management which is essential for maintaining the chemical balance and blood pressure in your body. You can endanger your health by neglecting its early signs. Risking health problems could cause other body organs to shut down altogether. Partha Banerjee Dubai says that most common kidney linked diseases are hypertension, UTI, and kidney stones.

What is the role of diabetes in kidney health? It is the leading cause of kidney disease as per the National Institute of Health. High blood pressure and diabetes go hand in hand to go along with diabetes. It affects the kidneys to work harder, it makes them work more.

Generally, kidney disease with diabetes has no specific known sign. It deteriorates the health slowly with these set of symptoms-

·               Loss in appetite,

·               Fatigue,

·               High BP,

·               Nausea and vomiting,

·               Swelled feet, ankles, and hands,

·               Continuous itching,

·               Problem in concentration,

·               Increases the urge to pass the urine.

Partha Banerjee Dubai says that you can prevent or make delays in the CKD by following a healthy lifestyle. Treating diabetes and keeping blood pressure constant is the best option. Here, we bring you some helpful tips to take care of your health-

·               Keep an eye on your blood sugar levels regularly. Maintaining healthy levels should be your first aim. Visiting your physician frequently can help you in tracking the records.

·               Eat healthy and fresh food. Avoid junk food, caffeine, juices, and packed foods helps a lot. Instead, rely on green vegetables and seasonal fruits as much as you can.

·               Healthy and balanced meals help in keeping the blood sugar levels for a long time.

·               Be active. Choose your activity as per your age and body capabilities. Ask your physician in case if you have any other health issue.

·               Physical activities improve the metabolism, manages the blood pressure and moreover, it keeps the blood sugar levels normal.

·               Limit your salt intake by cutting the use of ketchup, packed snacks, oily food, etc.

·               Smoking and consuming alcohol is dangerous for your overall health. Cigarettes reduce the amount of blood flow to kidneys which severely affects its functioning.

·               Being diabetic you should restrict the consumption of proteins in your diet.

Partha Banerjee Mumbai says that the most effective way to prevent kidney disease is to control your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Diabetic kidney disease takes more time to develop. If a person lives healthy with diabetes for more than 25 years without any sign of kidney failure then the chances of risk decreases. 

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