Paperless Recorders Can Help Reduce Data Acquisition Cost Significantly

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There is always a need to use recorders for measuring the process and machine performances in various types of industries. Though the traditional paper recorders had been in use in industries for decades, there is a rapid shift towards the use of paperless recorders. Now you can use the electronic data storage more effectively with the paperless recorder low price. The electronic information stored in such type of paperless recorders can help faster and comprehensive analysis of data.

What is a paperless recorder?

 A paperless recorder is a data acquisition or a data logger device that are used to measure data over time. The paperless recorders can also be suitably integrated with the industrial control systems and can effectively monitor the process applications. Electronic information that is gathered through such recorders eliminates the need for data resolution and interpolation of the trace values from the chart. There are very less associated errors of transferring the data to a spreadsheet and analyzing afterwards.

Advantages of paperless recorders:

 These types of recorders can also offer customization of input and the selection of channels. A paperless recorder also commonly termed as chartless recorders also allow for downloading the data directly in a PC or for collecting data by using a USB device. The maintenance, as well as the operation cost, can be significantly decreased as the mechanical parts for the chart drives and pen, are eliminated. In a paperless recorder, the cost of consumables can be substantially reduced that can be a considerable saving also. There are excellent low-cost paperless recorders available like the paperless recorder China that can function very efficiently.

Why are the paperless recorders getting popular?

 In most industries, the paperless chart recorders have become the most preferred options in the green projects or for retrofitting with the existing recorders easily.  The combination of chart recording and data logging at the same time can benefit the users significantly with such type of recorders. There are simple local trend indications available in the chartless recorders that emulate the traditional kind of paper recorders. Additionally, the electronic data storage adds to the advantages that were never heard before with the conventional paper recorders. The significant attributes of such recorders are as follows:

· It can operate smoothly without any breakdown:

 Rather than using costly paper rolls, that can frequently get jam and smudge, a paperless recorder uses a high-quality LCD with an electronic recording media. The flexibility of having an LCD can be useful to have a vast number of trend display having a wide range of selection. It can also provide online reports, intuitive menu-driven configuration and alarm annunciation.

· Suitable for new applications:

 Due to the several features and inherent flexibility of the versatile paperless recorders, these are now being used for new applications continuously. A chart less recorder can function for traditional applications of a chart recorder as well as for equipment that are associated with test and measurement. Paperless recorders are finding applications in laboratories increasingly to record the critical test parameters and to analyze the trend and to take corrective action.


 There are a lot of limitations of conventional paper recorders like the periodic replacement of paper, frequent malfunctioning and high cost of operation. With the use of paperless recorders, there can be enormous savings and also there can be a lot of flexibility and accuracy of data collection and analysis.

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