Pain killer – Hydrocodone

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Some of the major uses and composition of Hydrocodone is mentioned below:


Hydrocodone consists of Acetaminophen, which is available for oral intake and is known under the brand names Norco, Vicodin. This drug is also available as an oral solution and elixir form too.


The composition of various Hydrocodone brands details are mentioned here below:


Hydrocodone - Vicodin

Composition and potencies:- 5mg, 7.5mg, or 10mg combined with 300mg acetaminophen


Hydrocodone - Norco

Composition and potencies:- 7mg, 10mg combined with 325 mg acetaminophen


This drug has proved to be very effective in treating pains of moderate to severe intensity. Hydrocodone belongs to the family of narcotic analgesics those are meant to relieve any kind of pain occurring due to an accident or any natural body dis-balance.


The reason that this can bring immediate relief is that it acts on the central nervous system (CNS) that sends the brain a message to shift the focus to other points thus relieving the patient. This basically blocks the pain signals that make the patient feel better.


Various other uses and prescription of Hydrocodone


     Hydrocodone for Sale is available in various medical and drug compositions used for different purposes altogether.

     One form of Hydrocodone is used as a pain killer to relieve pains of intensities varying from moderate to severe in nature.

     Another form of Hydrocodone is meant to relieve cough. This works by sending a message to the brain to reduce the activity that causes coughing.


Some Side-effects of Hydrocodone:


Drugs those belong to the narcotics family always pose some reactions and side effects on the body. The user must be very aware and vigilant to consult the doctor in case of appearance of any serious symptoms:

     Allergies: This drug may cause serious skin rashes and allergies. These may cause breathing problems, swelling on the face including eyes, mouth, and throat. This may also lead to rashes and itching of skin.

     Some patients might show symptoms like – Nausea, vomiting, digestion issues, lack of appetite, and fatigue.


If the symptoms do not reduce with time then you must consult your doctor or physician immediately for the right action so that your health is not affected badly.

Some further added side-effects are also listed here:


     Pain in stomach

     Mouth dryness

     Tiredness or fatigue

     Headache or body aches or heaviness

     Tightening of muscles and stiffness


Warnings and Caution:



     This drug comes with a black box warning which means intake of such drug is very serious and should be done under the abled guidance of doctors and medical practitioners.

     This drug belongs to the family of Narcotics so misuse of this medicine is possible. So this drug cannot be sold without the doctor’s note or prescription.

     It should be kept away from the reach of children and kids like this as fatal consequences if consumed overdose.

     Special guideline has to be followed by breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women as this may lead to serious after-effects for the newborn infant as well as the one growing in the womb.

     This drug may affect your liver or kidneys, as this has immense side effects on the users. So take care to follow the guidelines seriously.

     This medicine should be disposed of with proper care and is stored at room temperature so that no environmental reaction takes place.

     Keep the 24/7 customer support helpline number always handy so that in case of any medical emergency the contact can be made easily.

     Do not alter the dosage on your own. Always consult your physician.

     In case of overdose, be very prompt to act as this may be very fatal and cause serious damage to your health. The overdose of Hydrocodone may cause

     slowed breathing/breathlessness

     sleepiness / dizziness

     muscle weakness

     cold, clammy skin

     narrowed or widened pupils

     slowed heartbeat


     and even death in some very serious cases.


History of Hydrocodone


Germany first developed hydrocodone in 1920 two researchers Carl Mannich and Helene Löwenheim. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug in the year 1943, which allowed its sale online and over the counter in the USA where people can buy Hydrocodone online with credit Card .

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