Oxygen Attacks The Brain?

by Mary Nelson Digital Marketing

While breathing, the oxygen O2 comes inside our body reacting with each cell and transforms to primary active oxygen group, super-oxide. O2- super-oxide then changes to secondary active oxygen group, hydrogen peroxide by SOD. H2O2 secondary active oxygen attacks and damages red blood cells then transforms into hydroxyl radical, third active oxygen group. Hydroxyl radical is very powerful active oxygen that damages DNA information in the cells. Also hemoglobin slows down ability to carry oxygen in our blood stream and decreases our metabolism creating fatigue. Furthermore, harmful active oxygen oxidizes vessel wall and the cell, creating atherosclerosis and thrombosis. This harmful active oxygen attacks nearby cells randomly resulting incurable cancer and other diseases. If the active oxygen attacks the brain cells then it will lead to oxidation of lipids and dementia. It is why we need to drink antioxidant AHA hydrogen water to prevent cancer, dementia and other diseases. We need to carry water bottles with portable AHA T-bag added whenever and wherever we go. Therefore, I understand why there were reports on athletes dying earlier than ordinary people from using too much oxygen in the body. Unfortunately, we can see from nearby famous artists and writers that they died from extreme stress and from deadlines. It is all because of oxygen. Thus, we need to drink Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Water now from awareness of harmful active oxygen.

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