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Travertine restoration service

Travertine is an example of natural stone like marble, slate or limestone. The major difference between travertine and other varieties of natural stone is the formation of rock and its peculiar appearance. One of the pivotal characteristics of travertine is that, it has holes which are formed by the evasion of carbon dioxide. In order to experience the utmost beauty of this stone, it is necessary to opt for the best travertine restoration services, which will efficiently seal the holes and safeguard its surface.

Installing a travertine floor into your home or building can certainly be a big investment. Nevertheless, the stone adds beauty, elegance and charm to the room it is installed in. It is essential to understand that travertine has special calcium carbonate properties, which make it vulnerable to acids and susceptible to staining. If you have noticed, majority of house cleaning solutions consist of acids which cause etching issues as soon as your travertine floor is exposed to these harsh cleaners.

If your travertine stone is already showing signs of damage then it is too late, unless D’Sapone’s certified artists carry out their incredible stone restoration process. In order to introduce a bewitching restoration experience, we have signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS- the most exquisite cleaners and sealers manufacturing company. The perfect combination of pFOkUS products and certified D’Sapone artists, make your floor stain-proof for a lifetime. All of our travertine restoration services are listed below…

Efficiently Filling Travertine Holes:

The major step during travertine floor restoration is to fill up its surface holes with a quality product. We don’t just simply fill the holes, but we also color match the filler to suit the floor. This is done by employing the use of Sentura- a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, designed with a 1200psi adhesion. It can be pigmented in over 40 colors to induce a beautiful and natural look to your stone.

Cleaning, Prepping and Sanitizing the Surface:

In spite of the stubborn stains and excessive etching on your travertine floor, our artists will deliver it that brand new look with our patented tile cleaning process. We initiate the restoration procedure by spraying Imperia on the tile surface, which gently lifts the pre-existing sealers and knocks out stains, mold and mildew. Imperia is an outstanding travertine cleaner that preps and sanitizes your entire floor without damaging the integrity of the surface.

Safeguarding Grout with a Titanium Sealer:

Similar to travertine, grout is also porous in nature. Once it is cleaned, all of its pores will begin to open that will permit the passage of moisture. This leads to the occurrence of stains and the birth of mold. If grout is not protected with a good sealer, it will damage the look of your entire floor. Our artists carry out the bestgrout color sealing with Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer. Caponi is a chemical resistant grout sealer, which delivers a hydrophobic experience and prevents the birth of stains.

Sealing Travertine Stone with a Natural Look Sealer:

Another major step during travertine floor restoration is sealing the stone with a quality sealer. D’Sapone uses Repeal-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, which soaks deep into the stone to deliver a waterproof surface. Not just that, it also prevents your travertine from permitting the passage of liquids through its surface, and provides a natural and elegant look.

Polishing Travertine with a Clear Topical Product:

We re-introduce that perfect dazzle, which once glistened across your travertine surface with our quality travertine restoration services. We polish the surface with Celine – a clear topical solvent based resin product that provides a slight sheen to the stone with no etching issues.

D’Sapone carries a 5 year labor warranty on travertine floor restoration service. Don’t wait anymore! Simply fill out our estimate form at or reach us at (770)924-4757, and make your travertine floor dazzle for a lifetime.

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