Our Styling Guide to Using Off-white & White Roller Blinds

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For most people, off-white and white colours may look the same. Once you put them in your home, however, you’ll realize that they’re quite different, after all. To the trained eye, white and off-white have incredibly different attributes. They will make different statements in your home, depending on the context of the design. 

If you’re choosing between the two colours for your roller blinds, we’ve listed some styling guides to enlighten you with your decision. In what instances are they considered a taboo? Read on below to know when to use off-white blinds and when white blinds might be the more practical ones for your home. 

When to Use Off-White Roller Blinds 

1. The general rule of thumb on when to use off-white is when the colours of the room are muted or greyed. Colours become muted when pure colours are added with another as well as when they are combined with different saturations of grey. Muted colours look more moody and subdued compared to pure colours. An example of a colour combination that best suits off-white roller blinds are yellow-green or blue-green.

2. If the colour has a more pronounced undertone, the perfect complement would be off-white roller blinds. For example, if a colour has an undertone of pink or violet, it would be best to opt for off-white since the colour belongs to the family of pastels, not the whites. You can also mix undertones, such as yellow-based off-white colours or blue-based off-white.

3. One valuable design tip is to choose the dominant colour of the room, making it the underlying undertone when you select your off-white-coloured roller blinds.

4. You can also try choosing an undertone that belongs to the same side of the colour wheel. For example, if you have sage green undertones, put them beside walls with a yellow-green undertone.

5. Additionally, take note of the trim of your window. If it is muted or greyed, then the best match for it would be an off-white roller blind, unless you plan to paint over them.  

When to Use White Roller Blinds 

1. Now that you know what colours match off-white blinds, it will be easier to understand what matches the white ones. Naturally, you will do the opposite when it comes to white blinds. White roller blinds pair best with pure colours, such as red, blue, green, and yellow.

2. Take note that there are only a few true whites. You need to be careful about choosing a colour without a noticeable undertone.

3. If your wall has pure colours—such as ruby red or sky blue—consider white roller blinds as these walls will look best with them.

4. If your trim does not consist of any undertones, the best roller blinds to purchase are white ones. Try to follow the rule that only white blinds belong with white trim.


Now that you know the logical difference between the two similar-looking colours, you’ll find it easier to choose the perfect roller blinds and pull your home’s design together. Take note, however, that designing homes is a case-to-case basis. Therefore, there are instances when you will have to break the rules to achieve your desired effect. 

If you are looking for commercial roller blinds in London, England, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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