Online vs. Traditional: Which Type of Tutoring Should You Go For?

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Off late, tutoring has seen some of the most significant changes it has seen in pretty much its entire history. This change has been driven by the need to provide quality education to children as well as learners of all other ages. It is because it is an essential requirement at the time. And as the technologies and world continue to advance at a rapid pace, that change, too, has driven the need for higher education and acquisition of expert skills. It means adults also, are lining up to learn. And this fundamental shift has led to a significant change in the industry, i.e., move to online learning.

Nowadays, online tutoring is picking up pace in the world, thanks to its countless benefits. For starters, it offers unfettered convenience, i.e., students can learn from wherever they are. And studies suggest that it might be more effective than the conventional form of tutoring. More and more people are drawn to it and with good reason. But does that mean it is suitable for all? That online tutoring is indeed better than conventional instruction for learners? Quite frankly, the answer is entirely subjective because what may work for one person might not be as well suited for the interests of another. Nonetheless, we will compare the two on some key factors and see if there is a clear winner.

  1. Cost: Online tutoring typically comes out to be more affordable since one doesn’t have to account for overhead expenses such as travel. But if it is a top-rated service provider, it could be expensive as well. With conventional learning or private tutoring, the cost can be quite high since it involves the teacher focusing on just one student during the class. Then there are the transport expenses, costs for teaching material, and more.
  2. Convenience: This one may seem redundant even to mention, but since it is so important, we’ll discuss it at length. With online tutoring, one has the convenience to choose the location as well as the time for the lessons. It means you never have to miss a class. Whereas with conventional tutoring, you don’t have that kind of freedom or flexibility. 
  3. Attention to students’ needs: It is fair to say that teachers can pay better attention to students’ requirements in person. There’s no denying that. But that is possible with online tutoring as well, with this medium, one also can leverage a variety of digital tools to help students learn better. Though, we must admit that it might not be able to help as well with subjects or topics that are more hands-on and necessitate similar types of engagement from students.

As we mentioned above, picking between the two forms of tutoring is a more complicated endeavor than one would like to think. But we believe a tutoring portal has the edge over conventional coaching, especially given the unfettered flexibility it offers to learners of all ages.

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