Online CPR Certification – Learning the Life Saving Technique at Ease

by Jennifer Lowrence Consultant
Having the power to save a life is the most amazing thing one can possess. And Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) lets you do that hence learning CPR is a must for all. Online CPR certifications have made learning CPR more convenient and affordable. So learn CPR today to save life of your loved ones as well as strangers in emergency situations.

A medical emergency team needs at least five minutes to reach any fresh incident scene where the victim is collapsing due to cardiac arrest. And it is important to keep the heart of the victim continue pumping until then. This simply implies that people need to learn the basics to keep the victim alive before the medical team reaches the point! The most common and known technique to save a life in such cases is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation i.e. CPR.

•    How a CPR works?

Combining artificial ventilation and chest compression helps restore flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain and this is how CPR works.

•    When CPR needs to be used?

CPR is used when:

*Sudden and unexpected collapsing is observed.
*Breathing stops or deteriorates.
*Pulse is not active.
*Someone has been rescued from drowning.
*Someone is not responding to your talks or when you try to move them.

Few facts according to various surveys that make learning CPR a mandatory for all are as follows:

*Each year in the United States, there are 350000 resuscitation attempts outside a medical setting.
*Approximately 70 percent of CPR happens in the home and is typically performed on a family member.
*According to the American Heart Association (AHA), 70% of people are not educated on basic CPR protocol rendering them helpless in situations that require immediate hands-on action.

By taking the above facts into consideration especially the third one it is obvious that learning basics of CPR is extremely necessary for all to save lives of their loved ones when they are collapsing and experiencing breathing troubles. Also, according to the American Heart Association, there are around 17.3 million deaths yearly caused by heart attacks and sadly, the number is expected to increase in coming years. Hence, making CPR certification a mandatory for all has become necessary.

Learning CPR thoroughly through physical training needs adequate time! What if you do not have that much time and want to learn it according to your own schedule? There comes the online CPR certification into the picture. This lets you learn the power to save a life at your own pace. Hence you can save a life at that acute time where literally, every second counts!

Also there are many misconceptions concerning who can get certified with CPR. Many think you need to have a medical background and others think you need to be conversant in basic life saving skills. But that’s not true! Anyone willing to learn the technique can get certified with CPR, whether he is a student, teacher or a businessman especially when online CPR certifications are available at your convenience!

Let us check out various advantages that an Online CPR Certification offers.

1.    Exceptional Flexibility:

CPR Certification Online allows you to sign up and complete the online training sessions at your convenience making it exceptionally flexible way to learn at your own pace. The duration of online courses are much shorter than the classroom trainings, hence save your time as well.

2.    Affordability:

Online CPR Certification is an affordable affair as you will need a computer with an internet connection and can sign up for online classes paying one price for all-inclusive, blended learning experience empowering you to save life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

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