Odoo ERP Beneficial for Small Businesses: Know Why

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Read this informative article to know how Odoo ERP software is beneficial for small business organisations. Hire experts for Odoo ERP implementation and other services. 

For businesses which are small and comparatively new in the market, they often face problems with management. From data interpretation to storage, handling supply chain management, conducting HR activities and looking after manufacturing, catalogue maintenance and more, the employees have to deal with a lot of work pressure. At times, they find it difficult to meet customer demands.  Moreover, from the lack of effective time management, they end up making errors. 

This is why the requirement of ERP software is highly essential for small-sized businesses. Odoo ERP is the most appropriate high-end application for such organisations. Implemented by the Odoo consultant in Australia, it is a worthy investment as it streamlines core business operations in a professional manner. With the help of its modular structure, it manages databases across all departments of work, allowing employees access to it from a single dashboard control. Hence a well rounded ERP solution helps such companies gain a competitive edge over others in the market.


There are several reasons why Odoo ERP is perfect for small businesses or startups.  


1. Improves efficiency

It happens that often the small companies are plagued with frustrated employees who are unable to carry on their tasks effectively. If such is the situation, one should definitely think about investing in an Odoo ERP solution. The frustration stems from the inability to run the business without the required applications. With the Odoo ERP, routine tasks get automated, the productivity of the employees start to improve manifold. The software also eliminates the need for repeated tasks and data redundancy so that the employees are freed from this hassle. With no necessity for the manual task execution, the chances of errors are minimised, re-input of data is avoided. This adds more value to the small business. The performance improvement gradually outweighs the short term expenses too.  


2. Selected performance metrics

Odoo ERP takes care of selective work aspects so that the business gets a good passing grade in terms of smooth task completion. Because of the modular structure of the Odoo, it can efficiently handle operations related to finance and accounting, management of sales and purchase, handle warehouse and inventory records, track shipping and delivery status, store E-Commerce records, maintain a relationship with the customers, carry out HR-related tasks and more. It manages the real-time database, providing analytical reports and flow charts so that the company can assess its progress. The employees also feel satisfied with the work progress, correctly evaluating orders and stock levels and also boosting the finance. Over time, with the Odoo ERP at hand, this small business can productively grasp from the vast market opportunities.    


3. Increase in decision taking

The automation of all the core business activities handled by the Odoo ERP brings about a balance in the workspace. When the owner of the small business focuses on the key aspect of the organisation, they also witness an improvement in the flow of work. Odoo ERP allows sharing of all between all, providing access through a centralised and integrated system; consequently, harmony is maintained between all. The software guarantees work collaboration between every employee which also facilitates ease in decision making. Since the evaluation of orders, sales and finance become simplified, the management team is quickly able to identify the core production challenges. Even aspects like allocation of resources and finances also see quick responses from all.   


4. Centralised information

When small businesses have multiple centres for data, it usually leads to disorganisation. With the Odoo ERP, information and data from every department are integrated in one centralised system. This enables data sharing between employees spread across all segments. Therefore, minimising the need for multiple system usage, this one-in-all solution enables the employees of the smaller companies to take accountability for every action and reaction. With full transparency maintained in work, it promotes smooth workflow while also reducing all potential mistakes related to logistics. The Odoo ERP also encourages correct utilisation of data between all.  

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Odoo consultant in Australia associated with a reputed company named Vision & Solutions. The author has written this article to help small businesses organise their core functions and operations with the help of Odoo ERP solution.

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