Nutrition And Healthy Eating Habits

by Bhawana Ys Blogger, SEO Executive

Eating healthy is often mistaken as putting extremely strict limitations on your food habits, staying 'size 0' or unrealistically thin, and depriving yourself of mouth-watering dishes that are believed to have a bad effect on your 'weight'.

Let us tell you, healthy eating is none of that!

Top nutrition in India or rather, anywhere in the world would also state the same.

Healthy eating is all about feeling great, having the energy to go through your daily tasks, good immunity and a similarly good mood.

Social media has made things very complicated, and sometimes even encourages falsity. Healthy eating and good nutrition don't have to be as complicated as it is usually depicted. There are various diet plans available online, different diet advice, sometimes contradictory, so it gets tough to know which one is authentic and which one is just a fluke!

A good way to maintain a healthy diet, and hence a healthy lifestyle one should not shy away from approaching a top nutritionist in India.

The best nutritionist in India or best online nutritionist in India (considering the covid situation) would advise a person that there are specific foods for specific needs but what matters the most is one's overall dietary plan and pattern.

The first step to adopting a healthy style according to the best nutritionists is replacing processed food with homemade meals. Similarly, there are many fundamentals of a healthy diet supported by almost all the nutrients, as mentioned below, which will help you to understand 'what is a healthy diet?', in a better way.

Fundamentals of a healthy diet

1.    The nutritional value of the meal

The first thought that comes to anyone's mind when they think about a healthy diet is the number of calories in a meal. But, as suggested by almost all the best nutritionists in India, and all the nutritionist community, nutrients are something that should be given priority to, and not just the calories. Nutrients like protein, carbohydrates,    fat, vitamins etc are what your body thrives on. The nutrient density of a meal is very important.

All food items have some amount of calories but not all foods have good nutrient density.

Also, the foods that are marked "low calorie" might be low in calories but they lack nutrients as well, which doesn't make them healthy food. 

2.    Avoid added sugars

 The American Heart Association recommends that there shouldn't be an intake of added sugars more than 6 teaspoons daily for women and 9 teaspoons for men. This includes avoiding sugary beverages like energy drinks, sodas etc. Processed desserts and fruit drinks should also be avoided.

3.    Water- The Healthiest beverage

Water is the healthiest beverage of all! Many people overlook the health benefits of drinking water. It has no calories but instead has many health benefits like staying hydrated which helps you to be more alert and lessens fatigue, prevention of constipation; kidney stones etc.

Drinking plenty of water can also lead to better dietary choices. 

Importance of Healthy diet

Poor nutrition is the cause of many chronic diseases such as heart disease. Adding excess smoking and consumption of alcohol along with poor nutrition just makes it worse!

Poor management of weight causes obesity and increased risk of many chronic health conditions. Therefore weight loss is also important, for which one has to alter their diet and switch to a healthier one.

When we talk about a healthy diet we know that there are choices to be made in terms of food consumption and there will be physiological effects of it but it's not just limited to that. Food also affects our mental health. Our diet has an impact on our mental well being, social wellbeing, cognitive development etc.

 When you try to find the best nutritionist in India or, the best online nutritionist in India, you'll also come across many tips and pieces of advice by them only where they define the fundamentals of a healthy diet that we have stated above which need to be followed to maintain a healthy and risk-free lifestyle. 

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