Nose Piercing - An Increasing Fashion Trend Among Men And Women

by Nyk Patel Writer and Fitness Freak

You would frequently come across many idioms associated with nose. But, there are many reasons why men and women prefer piercing their nose. While new trend would be gaining popularity in the year 2018, here's why nose piercing would be considered to be the next fashion statement.

Complements any Type of Hair

Whether you are wearing a nose pin or a trinket dangling from the center, you would always be in a better position to complement your hairstyle. For those who have curly hair, a tiny nose pin can surely enhance the style quotient. On the other hand, a traditional nose ring looks magnificent when a lady is getting dressed for the wedding ceremony. Even though she might have long hair, she would no longer look for any other embellishment that would add an elegant touch.


Makes you Look even more Beautiful

Regardless of the skin tone and the color, the nose ring can always make the women flutter in front of the mirror. You can either wear at a point where the nasal bridge ends or somewhere along the crease. To enhance the visual appeal in a much better way, you could also prefer piercing your eyebrows and putting on a lipstick of your choice.


Looks Great on any Gender

Even if men plan to wear a nose ring, then they would be boasting of photogenic look. To create the vibe, the person can always think about wearing semi-casual outfits or vintage inspired clothes. After all, the person would always find an excuse to appear trendy and conquer hearts of many around him.


Gives you the Freedom

As a person visit the jewelers shop, he can always choose nose ring based on his preferences. The individual grabs an opportunity to play around with the symmetry. She can wear it between the nostrils or along with small nose pins pierced on the crease. For adding a contemporary twist, she can always think about a fashion trend which has never existed before.


Adds on to the Looks

If you are one among the individuals who wish to boast a classic look, then nose piercing would be the suitable option. An intricately designed trinket would actually look great even if the girl has not worn beautiful earrings and a necklace.


Helps to Combine Styles

A feminine look could always be enhanced by combining different styles. As the girl keep everything simple, she looks even more gorgeous with tiny nose pins on both the sides. Moving ahead, she can enhance the appearance of her eyebrows with the help of an eyeliner and prefer cutting her hair till her shoulders.


Side Effects of Nose Piercing

No matter which area you select for nose piercing, the healing time differs with every kind of trinket and also depends on the location. Usually, nostril piercing can take around two to four months for healing. However, the consequences are common at all the three locations.


As found by the American Academy, nose piercing is likely to cause infection. In order to curb the outbreak of the Staphylococcus species, the person needs to go through a treatment plan. For preventing the infection from spreading, he or she may also have to take antibiotics prescribed by the skin specialist.


Jewelry Swallowing

Whenever the septum is pierced, the person may observe jewelry swallowing and aspiration. The piercing would set inside the nasal cavity and migrate from the position. Besides, the doctor may have a tough time to pull out the trinket which is embedded in the nose wall. He would have no option other than convincing the person about a surgical procedure.



Necrosis is yet another common problem pertaining to nose piercing. While the living cells die over a period of time, the lateral walls are at a risk once the nose ring is worn for a long time span.



In case you are wondering whether nose piercing can damage the nasal wall, then it’s quite true. Slowly and steadily, the connective tissue around the cartilage gets swollen and may start paining. A light yellow fluid may tend to ooze out as the area starts itching. So, rather than washing the area with a skin-friendly soap, it’s better to change the jewelry piece from time to time.


Septal Hematoma

Nasal piercing can always be the root cause of septal hematoma. In such a case, the affected area starts bleeding as it affects the septum. You might think that you are suffering from hematoma only when you experience nasal congestion, or a difficulty to take deep breaths.


Never hesitate to contact the doctor if you come across the aforementioned side-effects. But, before moving ahead, you should always try out some home remedies to alleviate such side effects of nose piercing.

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