Non-Toxic Lipstick For Beautiful Lips

by Green S. CEO

If you're on a mission to clean up your beauty routine, one of the fastest ways to do just that is by ditching that toxic lipstick in favor of a product that doesn't put you or the planet in peril. Non-toxic lipstick is incredibly beautiful and natural. It nourishes your lips and allows you to achieve the gorgeous look you were hoping to get from using cosmetics.

If it's your first time buying non-toxic make-up, don't worry! There are things you should know about lipstick, so you can avoid buying the wrong type for your lips. Far too many brands care little about your health. Ingesting toxic substances daily as you sip your favorite mocha latte or nosh on your lunchtime sushi is not ideal.

Here are some of the things you might not know about non-toxic lipstick.

Women May Absorb Up to Five Pounds of Cosmetic Chemicals Yearly

It's not the food you eat that is as much of a concern as all the harmful chemicals your body ingested when you slather on chemically-laden beauty products on it. Looking beautiful shouldn't come at a cost to your health. With the number of products manufactured in countries that don't adhere to the strictest safety guidelines, there is no telling what you've got in your purse or on your lips. Worst of all, it makes its way into your body by being absorbed by your skin or ingested while you eat and drink.

The Chemicals Found in Many Commercial Lipsticks Cause Bodily Harm

Cancer-causing and endocrine-disrupting, the cocktail of chemicals you apply to your lips have dramatic effects on your health. Until you ditch all the hard-to-pronounce ingredients, you're putting yourself in harm's way. When you choose to change up your old beauty routine and start to embrace non-toxic lipstick, something incredible happens. You look and feel beautiful because you're not accepting that the only cosmetic option you have available to use is potentially carcinogenic.

The List of Ingredients in Non-Toxic Lipstick is Short and Easy to Pronounce

Free from phthalates, sulfates, parabens, aluminum, and other nasty ingredients, non-toxic lipstick is natural. It comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to fit your style. It's also cruelty-free and better for the planet as well as all of its inhabitants. If you want to do something good for yourself and the world you live in, kick the habit of using products without a conscience once and for all! Choose products with natural fragrances and a list of ingredients that is short and easy to pronounce!

You Make a Bold Statement When You Invest in Companies With a Conscience

When you deliberately decide to reject companies whose standards don't meet yours, you're sending them a strong message. You will not tolerate toxic ingredients in your cosmetics. You're anti-animal testing and pro-planet. You will not be one of the many women who ingest harmful chemicals for the sake of looking pretty. When you stand up for yourself and your rights, you inspire other women to do the same.

Non-Toxic Lipstick Carries No Risk and Makes You Look Beautiful

If you want beautiful lips, you'll achieve the look you desire with non-toxic lipstick. Incredibly attractive shades await you that make your lips look and feel amazing. Rather than potentially harm your body or the planet, why not opt for something safer and more outstanding? You've got options that bring out the natural beauty in you. Best of all, they're better for you, the animals, and the planet, which is far more beautiful than any look you create with the lipstick that you buy.

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