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by Michael Riley Skincare Expert

We usually get to hear in our daily lives that age is just a number and to some extent its real as well, feeling old or not is all in our mindset not in any number. Few people never say that we are old and few people always behave like the older version in their younger version. So its all about our thought process and mindset. But yes in parallel to this we can’t deny the fact that with the increasing number in age, we can see physical changes in our appearance also. We usually notice that our face starts becoming the wrinkled face, skin starts stretching, we typically notice scars and creases on our face. And we really can’t ignore these changes, its all natural with increasing age.

But now we can reduce these changes, or you keep yourself away from all these effects no matter our age increases. Now medically we have a solution to this issue. Now there’s a term DERMAL FILLERS, and dermal fillers is a medical treatment which can become a hurdle for these ageing changes encountering our face. It's a non-surgical anti-ageing treatment. This is a safe and effective way of gaining a lost facial charm, natural facial features and help in vanishing wrinkles and scars.

Dermal Fillers are injectable fillers which are injected inside the skin which helps in building a plain old appearance. These fillers are finally soaked by the body depending on the health of a person and type of cartridges used. These filters usually last for six months or even more which means positive changes of these fillers on the affected area, depending on person to person.


These fillers are composed of sugar molecules, hyaluronic acids, collagens ( collagens are produced from pigs, cows or can be generated in the laboratory. According to the case study of these fillers, it can reduce the comfort level of a person for the time being when injected.



If we choose a packaged soft tissue fillers, then plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial appearance and skin tone first and that they will level the areas need to be enhanced.


Antibacterial stuff will refine injection areas. We can feel the bit of pain when fillers are being injected, but this pain can be improved with the help of a very cold instrument to chill the skin or by giving the injection of local anaesthesia.


Fillers usually take few moments per area but depending on the number of areas to be treated, and it may take up to 15-20 minutes also.


Once the process is performed, results come satisfactory, and then all the spots are washed with the help of an ice pack which can reduce our swelling and discomfort. My be treated areas can result in irritation for a day or two.

Dermal filler after treatment instructions:

The decision of using Dermal fillers is hugely personal, and one should be mentally prepared for treatment also. Our dermal filler treatment Southampton experts will explain if there will any doubt regarding filler injection, and you have to sign a consent form before going under this treatment.

Few types of complications are as follows:-

  • We recommend that you are careful with touching the areas where the injections were administered.

  • Mainly, we urge you to avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area.

  • It is also our advice to avoid facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc.

  • We also recommend that you don’t wear tight caps or hats in the area that was treated.

  • Should you experience any side effects or complications from the Botox or dermal filler treatments, please call us as soon as you can.


Recovery times depend on the patient to patient and type of fillers injected. Patients can resume all the activities right away but its recommended that one should avoid intense physical work for next 24-48 hours to reduce the swelling and bruising. But one should discuss the recovery plans before taking fillers from their doctors.


You can be a compatible candidate for taking this treatment if you fulfil the following conditions:-

1. If you are integrated and determined in maintaining good skin.

2. If you are healthy.

3. If you have a positive mindset to improve your affected skin.

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