Noni Juice Or Noni Capsules; What Is More Effective?

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Several centuries subsequent to the discovery of noni fruits by the ancient Polynesians, the application of technology has converted these healthy fruits into its variety of commercial manifestations. Noni is one of the effective ancient fruit, which has the capability to replenish more than 150 distinct phytochemicals in the human body and similar is the functioning of its commercial incarnations.

The Commercially Available Noni:

Being highly perishable in nature, noni fruit could be easily tapped to obtain its extracts due to its succulent self. The liquid extract out of the noni fruits that is obtained after their fermentation is known as organic noni juice and is said to be one of the healthiest potion on earth. The liquid is similarly healthy as its parent fruits tend to be and is the most popular commercial manifestation.

Other than this liquid, noni fruit may also be used to prepare organic noni capsules, noni powders and noni pills etc. Organic Noni Capsules are also one of the healthy supplements that could be inculcated in the everyday usage of the human beings.

The Debate:

There is one live debate regarding the commercial applications of noni fruit, where one of the sides tries to prove the liquid and the other proves the capsules to be better in satisfying health needs.  But coming on to a common conclusion has been as difficult as counting the stars of the sky on a cloudy night.

Let us look at the following few points to get a better understanding of the two products:

·         Organic noni juice is prepared by fermenting the fruits and collecting the liquids. Most of the nutrients are passed from the fruit to the liquid, which could be easily obtained by the humans. However, the noni capsules contain solid matter which could be made by heating the noni extracts till they solidify. Heating of the product may force it to lose some nutrients which are not obtained by the body.

·         While you purchase the organic noni juice, you need to be careful of purchasing it only from the reliable sources. Many vendors tend to mix water, artificial sweeteners and other inorganic foreign liquids which are dangerous to health. Even the noni capsules are vulnerable to inferior substances that could harm the human health drastically.

·         It has been a proven fact that liquids could be easier in being absorbed by the body than the solids. Therefore organic noni juice could be said to have an upper hand in this case.

·         However, the taste of organic noni juice is what could lead to its hatred among people. Noni Juice has a bitter and repelling taste that does not meet the approval of taste buds of the people. Due to this major factor, many people prefer organic noni capsules over organic noni juice.

And though there has been a constant debate on this, the kind of noni supplement bought by a person could well depend on his her body ability to get acquainted with it. Whatever you buy, make sure to get it from an authentic source and consult your doctor before consuming it. 

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