Niteflirt's Intuitive Findomme Sexual Denialist: Problems when serving multiple masters.

by Pie Chan Digital marketer

Bio - Str-8 Talk on Twisted subjects a new Therapy for dysfunctional sexual Advice, beta Bois, Confessions, geeks, and theorists, tickle torture. I am going to humiliate faggoty ass and rehabilitate sorry ass. Let's face simple Fact u aren't a man at all. Call 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 enter ext: 0189705 

Officer: "When I run this check please tell me, you’re not a South Carolina baby killer."

Me: Oh, and I hope not if that happens to be I have a doppelganger.

Officer: you realize jo is a common last name. 

My face...grimaces.

The connection I will forever be judged based on my last Name because of My father. 

Then again daddie, husband, or Pillsbury doughboy? Like my boyfriend? if the bakery has audio surveillance, and employees are not aware That's A Crime. 

Someone pocketed police, or Officers wish to converse with the Elusive Eldest with zero criminal history Daughter of a low level 2 bit drug runner? 

ur catering to My husband feed, wash and fuck. That's appeasing him. Shithead, if ur fucking him at the job, sites Sexual harassment, fraternizing on the job, breaking ur Rules? 

Pillsbury doughboy fucked Me out of three Jobs. Sweetheart FUCK with ME, I'll call tartan. Funny didn't call cops on 3 stooges stealing from u, sure as fuck didn't call cops on butthead who u claim stole, but u pick up for Me Isn't that special.

Owners Racist Fucks I'd say. Possibly set up the colored girl who worked there for drugs. 

10-19-18 I am positive My husband has a second checking account with the current place of employment and has other mail going to their home address. Don't want to involve yourself? 

Let Me bring ur business into My Divorce. Bitches value dick, want to give a female more responsibility without extra pay?, But want to give Lil dick at work a raise? New tartan on the job? Forgot he's married?? What he does affects us, and possibly u. 

Put Me In Hands Of Police.

My husband discussing marriage on a job site is criminal to civil don't believe Me speak to a lawyer Violates My privacy. 

Anything u need to say, say to Me. I'm sorry when I show up it ruins ur fantasy with My husband. 

If u have conspired with My husband sites Malicious intent. Officers look in Puyallup for My name and view My gruesome photos. 

2 weeks after My 21st birthday 1998, and take a good look at what I did to my mother. Fuck u it's funny. Thought for the day: that's so yesterday, not for people paying attention.

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