New to app development? Here are three types of apps you should try building first

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New to app development and confused about where to start?

You’re not alone.

Many developers and entrepreneurs start their app development journey without any idea where to start. Learning how to create an app first takes a lot of effort. Even if you’re going from WordPress to Android app using a mobile app builder, mastering the platform can take time.

Some apps are easy to make. Some are hard. The real question for a beginner in app development is where to start. Taking on a project that doesn’t help a beginner learn the practicalities of the app market is wasteful in the long run.

Generally beginners start with Android development. This is because it represents a larger market. In India alone, Android has a market share of 91% amongst mobile operating systems.

Thus, choosing between Android and iOS is also a part of making the decision.

The aim of this article is to help beginners in app development identify the type of app they should start with. The following sections cover the primary types of mobile apps that beginners should start working on.

Blogging apps

What is the first type of website you first created? There is a good chance that you started your journey by creating a blog.


Creating a blog is perhaps the easiest way to start building a digital presence. Platforms like WordPress and Blogger make it very easy for beginners to start a small blog of their own and customize it endlessly.

Thus, it’s wise to do the same while creating your first mobile app as well.

The question is how to create an app for blogging and publish blog posts on it.

The answer is simple - use mobile app builders.

App builders now enable users to convert their WordPress blogs and websites into a native mobile app. AppMySite is an example of the same.

Using app builders, beginners can customize various elements of their app such as icon, splash screen, layout theme, dashboard, and user-onboarding screens.

Blogging apps typically contain content readily available to users in a native app vessel.

How does starting with a blogging app exactly help beginners?

For one, it enables them to learn the practicalities of app development in an easy-to-understand environment. Blogging apps are not exactly complex to build. Various stages of app development such as design and testing are all much easier to grasp with a simple blogging app.

Secondly, creating a blogging app doesn’t take a lot of time or resources especially if you’re using an app builder. Starting your app development journey with an expensive project means taking on too much pressure. Start small and learn the nitty-gritties of the app building process with a blogging app.

Ecommerce app

Creating an app is never the end of the process. Running a successful app business is almost as important in order to make the entire process worthwhile.

This is a lesson in app building many beginners miss out on. They get too engrossed in the development part without noting the inherent need to have a revenue model or a marketing plan.

Beginners can learn these essentials by first developing and marketing an ecommerce app.

Creating an ecommerce app with code is a challenge and a long drawn-out process. Thus, you should start with an app builder like AppMySite that enables users to create a WooCommerce Android app.

An ecommerce app can help newcomers learn the hard-core basics of app marketing. Any app they eventually build will have to be economically viable. The experience of building and marketing an ecommerce app can help them understand the essential of bringing a mobile app to market.

Here are a few things beginners can learn while creating an ecommerce app using app builders.

1. Design - App builders generally make it easy for users to customize their apps to a great degree. From designing the app dashboard to the splash screen, users can control a lot.

How does this help? Users can learn how to design an app based on the requirements of the target audience. They can learn real practical lessons about typical user behaviour that are not readily taught when they’re learning how to create an app.

Design layouts influence user buying behaviour a lot. Beginners often know a lot about creating apps but not much on how to sell products and influence users. Designing ecommerce apps can help in this regard.

2. Testing - Good app builders come with preview options. These options allow users to test an app on both live emulators and mobile devices. AppMySite is no different.

Testing an ecommerce app thoroughly teaches beginners hard lessons in app testing. This is very important for newcomers. Bugs, performance issues, and design incoherence are major reasons behind app failure.

App testing using preview features can help a beginner find bugs and learn how to vet an existing app build.

3.Marketing - Marketing an app is more tedious than promoting a website because the first action users have to take is download the app.

This extra step makes it difficult for marketers. There are many tenets within app marketing for a beginner to learn. Promoting an ecommerce app can be a great lesson for a beginner in learning audience expectations and behaviour.

It drives home the lesson that development is never the end of the journey. Someone always has to sell the app.

Basic apps

You must have used a PDF reader app on your smartphone at some point. Apps that provide such services are called basic apps. Your calculator is an example of a basic app along with your calendar and alarm app.

It is wise to start an app building journey with these basic apps. They give newcomers good insights into building mobile apps while not overwhelming them with  too many extraneous problems and development issues.

Basic apps generally don’t always promise a lot of downloads because they’re not unique enough to stand apart. Nevertheless, they are helpful for those trying to learn the process of building an app for the first time.

In conclusion

This piece provides a complete analysis of the type of apps beginners should start building first.

The categories discussed here can give newcomers guidance on the practicalities of app development. Lessons in fields like app design, testing, and marketing are crucial for a beginner in app development and these categories can help with the same.

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