New Happiness Code Review: Scam or Works?????

by Angela Carter designer

Anyone who has a goal in life a set out plan seems to motivated and full of confidence. I’ve also felt ‘lost’ in life along the journey of my own life, and it will be hard for you to find many who haven’t felt lost at different times in their own lives.  The New Happiness Code

A person with negative thoughts will always feel low. Our behavior and habits stimulate the growth and formation of neural pathways. These pathways regulate our emotions, reactions, and thoughts. 

Happiness is a brain product. So far our brain produce thirst for external factors, we will continue to run after external factors in order to keep our day-to-day behavioral expression fresh. 

In order to enjoy such a brain outcome in life which is free from all sorts of brain producing sicknesses one need to switch to mapped brain from empty brain. 

Think positive grow your knowledge enlighten your mind and you will feel motivated your face will glow like rising sun. Never give up rather than allow your dreams to perish. 

As you don’t know when that period will come together. It essentially sources empowerment from your limiting beliefs by reprogramming your subconscious mind correctly. 

If the magnetic frequencies in the brain has been set into a polarity of scarcity, it just needs to be reversed in order to change the limiting beliefs and enjoy the abundance that is absolutely waiting! The New Happiness Code

Happiness Code provides readers with the answer they have been searching for: enduring happiness is not a result of the things you’ve done, but the person you’ve chosen to be. In changing your limiting beliefs by using moving the polarity in your brain, the trick is easy. 

It makes it possible for your intellect to reset and use the power of sound to undo old restricted beliefs. It makes your brain potential to reset and use the power of sound to destroy the old limiting beliefs. When you listen to this program, it will help reverse the polarity which will create new positive beliefs. 

The New Happiness Code program is a 3-week manifestation program and the whole bundle of the program includes 3 audio tracks. Listening to the classes for 18 minutes a day is what David recommends. The 18-minute audio track will help you create a magnetic resonance of peace and happiness.

Each session has a specific focus and moves in a step-by-step method to achieve abundance. You don’t need to make drastic changes to your daily schedule to accommodate this. 

It’s definitely a good alternative to boring and tiring manifestation techniques, like visualization, vision boards, and affirmations. Overall The New Happiness Code review reveals a powerful program to train your brain and improve your mindset. 

This course contains the lessons that are helpful to find the secret of confidence and self-love. Every day you progress towards your goal, you will start to have satisfying relationships, a healthy life, and successful business life.

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Flourishing should be the new happiness. What most pursue now ignores old wisdom and the logic of our biology. 

A verb capturing the required recurring effort is better than a noun describing the desired static state--by nature, not a thing we can be or get but that we do. 

It is perhaps better harvested than pursued. Many see their main goal as maximizing pleasure. 

But even the ancient hedonists took pains to distinguish between types of pleasure and happiness. 

They typically thought pleasure was necessary but not sufficient. 

Enlightenment thinkers believed that humans were "intended by nature to achieve happiness," as Darrin McMahon notes, requiring only knowledge to overcome ignorance. 

But Jeremy Bentham increased ignorance by blurring once useful distinctions. In probably the Enlightenment's saddest sin of synonymy, he equated happiness with pleasure for the sake of easier calculations. Many psychologists today remain confused. 

Daniel Kahneman writes: "it is logical to as a series of moments, each with a value" of positive or negative feeling, and to evaluate an experience by the "sum of the values for its moments." He complains that our brains are illogical in not working that way. 

But it's futile to wish our physiology was different. We'd be better served by adapting our reason to fit how our biology works. The field of positive psychology is less confused. 

Mih?ly Cs?kszentmih?lyi says "we do not understand what happiness is any better than Aristotle did." His studies of "optimal experience" led to the idea of "an active state of flow," in which a challenging skilled activity, with clear goals and unambiguous feedback, enables concentration to the point of loss of consciousness of self and time. 

Such autotelic (done for their own sake) activities are common in sports, music and the arts, but rare when we're passive. Similarly, Martin Seligman distinguishes the raw feelings of easy pleasures from earned "gratifications," which are the longer-lasting rewards of flow-like activities. 

This emphasis on effort and skill is more logically consistent with our biology than Bentham and Kahneman's focus on felt pleasure. Our survival has long depended on using second-nature skills. Yeats rightly claimed, "all skill is joyful." Many such joys are adaptive. 

As Aristotle knew, life's goals required exercising natural virtues, which now would be better called life skills. 

Nouns like "happiness" and "well-being" seem too static. Verbs reflecting the required cyclical activity would fit better. Sadly the verb "happies," used in Shakespeare's sixth sonnet, is obsolete. "Well-doing" is more precise than "well-being". 

And "flourishing" is fitter than "being happy." Victor Frankel believed "happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue." However difficult to pursue, effective happiness can be harvested. 

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