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Nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine provided at Karma Ayurveda is the safest and natural treatment that cab considered to prevent the ill-effects of artificial treatment. But before knowing the treatment for this syndrome, let us understand more about it.


Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease. Protein retention in urine, decrease in the amount of protein in the blood, a higher level of cholesterol, and swelling in the body shows symptoms of this disease.

Also, due to this kidney disease, the person of any age can get the swollen body. By the way, these diseases are mostly seen in children. With proper treatment, control of the disease and subsequent inflammation of the body can be done effectively. If it continues for years, it shows nephrotic syndrome. Due to long periods of swelling, these diseases can be a matter of concern for patients and family members. Explain in simple language, it can be said that the kidney works in the body. By this, the extra waste of the body goes out of the urine by extra water. At the same time, the kidney sieve such as sneezing in nephrotic syndrome increases the urine along with extra water and urine as well as the essential protein for the body. This reduces the amount of protein in the body and swelling in the body. Nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine can prove to be helpful when it comes to dealing with the different aspects of the nephrotic syndrome.

Reasons for nephrotic syndrome

This disease is also called primary or idiopathic nephrotic syndrome. No special reason for this disease has been revealed, but experts believe that due to the lack of work of lymphocytes in leukocytes, this disease occurs. Changing the diet or treating medicines as responsible for this disease is absolutely wrong. 90% of the patients are children, in which there is no definite reason for nephrotic disease. In adults, in less than 10% of nephrotic syndrome, it has caused different diseases such as infection, damage caused by any medicine, cancer, hereditary disease, and diabetes. This syndrome may occur due to the above diseases and amyloidosis etc.

Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

The disease appears mainly in children between two to six years. In other people, the number of this disease is very small compared to children.

·         The disease begins after fever and cough.

·         Early symptoms appear swelling on the eyes and under the eyes.

·         Due to swelling of the eyes, many times patients are first checked for an eye doctor.

·         When the patient gets up in the morning after sleep, swelling is more visible, this is the identification of this disease.

·         These swelling gradually decreases with the increase of the day and decreases by the evening.

·         Diseases increase when the stomach grows, urine decreases, bloating throughout the body and weight increases.

·         There are many complaints about spotting white spots in the urine of urine and urine where urine is present.

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome

·         It is necessary to diagnose nephrotic syndrome and to confirm it through laboratory examination.

·         It is advisable to take a normal and healthy diet during treatment.

·         Provide adequate amounts of protein to the patient in the diet.

·         If there is any kidney disease then limit the amount of protein you have. To control blood cholesterol levels, decrease fat intake in the diet.

·         Before starting treatment, ensure that the child does not have any infections or problems beforehand, it is very important to control the infection.

·         Children with nephrotic syndrome are more likely to get a cold, fever and other types of infection.

·         Infections during the treatment can increase the disease. Therefore it is important to take full care to prevent infection during treatment.

Nephrotic Syndrome Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, a profound established treatment uses best of its natural herbs to deal with a broad variety of kidney issues. It believes that this variety of kidney diseases can be relieved by correct treatment. The natural treatment fuses herbs like Punarnava, Kaasni, Varun, Gokshur; that have remedial properties which cause no harm to the patient and offer a more secure method for treating the infection.

Karma Ayurveda, a renowned Ayurvedic kidney care institution in, driven by an outstanding specialist Dr. Puneet Dhawan offers its nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine. Their homegrown techniques consolidate medicines made up of natural ingredients. Karma Ayurveda medications are the most secure kidney treatment that result in a 100% accomplishment rate with 0% side effects.

Writer’s Introduction

I am a working professional and just before my 30s, I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. My wife told me about Karma Ayurveda.  With the help of their nephrotic syndrome Ayurvedic medicine, I am now able to live a disease-free life.

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