Negative Effects of Not Visiting Dentist Regularly

by Dr Marianna Ibrahim Primary Dental Care
If you think that you only need a dentist when your gum bleeds or toothaches happen, then you are wrong. Regular oral checkups are essentially required regardless of a person’s age. Skipping oral appointments can cost you more harm than you ever imagined. 

Dental Services
The dental clinics offer a wide range of dental services from which only of the handpicked are, 

  • Dentures - Complete denture and partial denture are implanted to fill the vacant place in your mouth after a tooth is extracted.
  • Teeth Whitening - Decay, erosion and food and drink habits often cause discolored tooth. In this grave hour, teeth whitening is required that gives your pearly whites back. 

  • Cosmetic Fillings - Usually built with amalgam fillings, the cosmetic fillings are of the color of teeth. In order to save the tooth from decay, the fillings are placed where erosion takes place.

  • Root Canals - The affected nerves are not removed from the gum nowadays; instead of that, the pulp is removed. Additionally, the tooth is sealed and cleaned being for averting future risks of infection.


This is gum disease of which dry mouth, smoking, old age, poor oral health and diet are the prime risk factors. The symptoms of the gingivitis include, 

  • Tender, receding and dusky gums 
  • Puffiness or swollen
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing 

When plaques start mushrooming in tooth turning into tartar, this oral condition becomes severe.

Family dentistry Garden Grove treats this condition by examining medical history and mouth thoroughly. In addition to the context, root planning and scaling are prescribed to fix the Periodontics problem.

Tooth Decay 

The increase of bacteria in mouth develops acid that erodes tooth prematurely. The cavity is formed leading to infection, severe pain and loss of the tooth. The common symptoms of this periodontal disease are,

  • Toothache 
  • Bad breath 
  • Swelling 
  • Black or brown spots on teeth 

Orange County dentist undertakes the process of the root canal and filling to remove cavity from teeth. Additionally, dental crowns are placed that limit further infection. In various cases, tooth extraction is required based on the complication of the periodontal condition.

Oral Cancer 

The uncontrollable and abnormal growth of tumors in mouth causes cancer that gradually affects lips, larynx, tongue, cheeks and sinuses. The general symptoms of this oral disorder are, 

  • Lumps 
  • Swelling 
  • Crusts 
  • Erosion of oral health
  • Excessive bleeding without reason 
  • Ear pain 

Generally, the dentists go for radiotherapy to kill the carcinogenic cells in the mouth. However, you need to stop smoking and follow a nutritious diet to restrict the deterioration of periodontal health. Limiting exposure to the UV ray help in preventing the disease beforehand.

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