Need to Know Tips Before Becoming a Professional Sculptor

by Martin Gray Content Writer

Becoming a professional sculptor takes a lot more than just being enthusiastic and passionate. Individuals who know what it takes to handle harsh criticism and the ups and downs of a job are the only ones able to handle this artistic career.

Similar to how it is in most art fields, being a professional sculptor can be an exciting, fulfilling, and frustrating experience. There will be many days where you will have to deal with constant criticism and rejection over pieces you have poured your heart and soul into - and seeing these pieces not being appreciated can be a hard pill to swallow.

However, many veteran sculptor artists have found that there are so many more pros and cons to their careers. They can come up with new techniques and have infinite choices to choose materials for each of their artwork. The freedom that comes with their work has been significantly liberating and has helped hone their skills in ways they have never imagined.

Consider the work done by Dan Droz - a revered American interdisciplinary sculptor, industrial designer, entrepreneur, and much more. When it comes to his sculpting career, he has made remarkable progress in his art that has left the public in awe for many years now.

Initially, Droz started using wood in his sculptures, but overtime, he has incorporated novel methods of fabrication with glass, aluminum, glass, and polymers. In 2018, he invented a method for folding huge aluminum sheets that allow intricate forms to be created from sheets as tall as 8 feet, similar to the folding paper style of the Japanese kirigami.

Moreover, he would often incorporate reflective and concealed surfaced and optical illusions to call attention to the limits of perception and has further developed methods that involve fabricating sculptors with wire mesh, including techniques for folding glass and casting sculptures directly from 3D printed models.

Now, navigating into the world of being a professional sculptor is not easy, but here are some of the first steps you need to take to join the field and go creative with your sculptor craft.

Perfect The Basics

The first step to your career involves completely understanding the basics of your job. You need to have a genuine love for artistic skills, preferably having a high school diploma.

Typically, many aspiring sculptors have been encouraged to seek formal training in fine arts from a vocational school or technical college to master their basics before entering the work field.

Getting An Internship

Getting an internship is also another ideal way to become a professional sculptor. This would mean that you will be working alongside an experienced artisan, where you will be able to see the mastery of your art in action.

To get an internship, you will need to have a portfolio to get accepted by the best of the best on the field. This means that you will need to create intricate sculptures that will captivate your choice of the artisan that you want to work under. Just make sure to send your portfolios to several different artists and once you get accepted, pick the ideal artist that you believe can help you become even better at your craft. 

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