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While landlord-tenant disputes can be resolved without an attorney, hiring a lawyer for landlord-tenant conflicts may be required if you're unknown with the laws, paperwork, or process required to settle a dispute. There are some situations in which a landlord may need to hire or consult with an attorney for expert advice and coaching. Some of the most common situations in which a landlord could benefit from a lawyer’s help include the following:

Evicting a Tenant

Eviction lawsuits typically take less time than usual civil cases. However, in exchange for expedited treatment, landlords must follow a highly detailed set of rules, from notifying tenants of the lawsuit to filing the usual documents and forms. But, winning an eviction lawsuit isn’t always easy. Because someone’s house is at stake, it’s essential to learn that many judges will set the bar very high when it comes to ordering in the landlords’ favor.

Many landlords still try to evict tenants themselves, but you may be better off hiring lawyers for eviction NYC if:

                     This is your first eviction

                     The tenant is fighting the eviction and has a lawyer

                     The tenant is an the employee whom you’re firing

                     The tenant is filing for bankruptcy

                  You must comply with rent authority or housing program rules for eviction

Sued for Major Property Damage

Tenants may also claim you if they think that your failure to keep the rental property caused harm to their property. In situations like this, your liability policy could also kick in. When the demand is high, you may decide to refer the matter to your insurance company and make a profit of its obligation to provide a lawyer. When the claim is low, or if it’s brought to small claims court, you’ll probably want to handle it yourself, but could still benefit from a coaching session.

Audited by the IRS or the State

If the IRS or your state tax agency is reviewing your return, you do not always have to hire a lawyer except there is a lot of money at stake. If you made a serious mistake on your taxes that the government has not noticed it yet, then hiring a lawyer before the auditors find that error can help you avoid a potentially damaging situation.

Defending Your Reputation

If a dangerous crime or accident occurs on your property, your business could suffer from the negative publicity, in addition to any lawsuit that may take place. If you are not used to dealing with public relationships, you should consider talking to a lawyer about how to handle the press. Your lawyer can then guide you on what you should and should not say, or they can even speak on your behalf. Your attorney can also suggest what actions you can take to attract positive attention to your property or business, as well as how to deter negative publicity.

Changing Your Business Structure

If you decide to improve your business structure and start to operate as a sole proprietorship instead of an S-corporation, you may want to get a lawyer involved. Consulting an attorney for this process would be highly beneficial because they can review your options with you and let you know what each one may entail. 

Buying or Selling Property

Although it’s obvious, buying or selling property is more complicated than people may realize. There are more legal risks than many people are aware of, particularly if that property also has a business and tenants. A lawyer can help you better understand the steps to take through the entire process, from negotiation to closing.

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights can be very serious and complicated. Often, people try to enforce rights on their own but aren’t always successful. Consulting with a lawyer would allow you to gain expert ideas and guidance regarding copyright and trademark issues.

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