Necessities to Become an Experienced Mental Health Nurse in the UK?

by Kristen White Blogger
Patients with mental health concerns experience high levels of anxiety.Working with such patients is highly demanding. At times the patient may be resistant toward treatment. Given all these downsides, watching a patient recover is extremely rewarding.

Mental health patients are usually untrusting of everybody. This requires that you work to build a trusting relationship quickly so that they can respond to the care you provide. The best agency nurse jobs will require that you work in hospitals and community settings, with patients who seek help with psychiatric concerns. 

Here are the essentials to become an experienced mental health nurse in the UK.


The first step towards becoming an experienced mental health nurse is to get a nursing degree with mental health as your specialisation. You will have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) so that you can practice in the UK.


Your education requires you to get hands-on training by working with experienced nurses in various hospital settings. You will most likely be spending at least half of your graduate years getting practical experience.

This plays a vital role in you making the final career choice of mental health nursing.The field is not for the faint-hearted as you will come across patients who are not in control of their actions.

Start Work 

Once you have the required education and training, you are ready to work as a mental health nurse. You can begin work at a hospital or mental health facility directly or opt for the agency route that will place you in varied work settings.

The nursing agency in Chertsey will provide you with a variety of work opportunities to enhance your skills and experience. 

Skills Required

While compassion and empathy are the necessary traits for any nurse, you will need additional skills as a mental health nurse. They include counselling skills, active listening, and non-judgemental listening skills. 

Be Prepared For the Worst

Mental health patients are highly anxious and sometimes are not in control of their actions or words. This can result in them being violent toward you or speaking abusive language. You have to understand that such actions are not a reflection of your character, but are a result of the patient’s condition.

The best agency nurse jobs will provide training in dealing with such situations.Physical fitness is also necessary to allow you totackle situations when patients try to harm you.

Understand the Legal Aspects of the Role

You must be aware of the legal aspects of mental health nursing. You may come across a patient, who may either harm themselves or others. Also, you may see patients who are being harmed by others. All such cases should be reported immediately. The nursing agency in Chertsey will train you in the reporting protocol to be followed in such situations. 

Working Life

Mental health nursing is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. You will cross paths with patients from diverse backgrounds and conditions.Being emotionally resilient and not letting any situation get the best of you is vital.

The negativity that your patients emit should not rub off on you. You will have to learn to take it all in your stride and not forget your personality.

Multiple Work Settings

In order to gain valuable experience, it is best to work in multiple work settings that different from each other. As a mental health nurse, you can work with a mental health facility, work in the community setting, or prison.

The diverse patients that you care for on a daily basis can also help enhance your experience. Each patient is unique, and treating them can teach you something new. People suffer from varying degrees of mental health conditions, and each will require a different technique of care. This gives you invaluable experience in the field of mental health nursing. 

As a mental health nurse, you can expect a career that is demanding and rewarding at the same time. If the emotional roller coaster does not bother you, then it is the career for you.

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