My coordinates are about 4 squares out of RuneScape

by Wang Rui Web Designer
I want to spend my money on abilities to RuneScape gold make sure next month I do nothing but train protection. Ok, I spent approximately 1 week of non stop money making to get my saradomin sword. I totally love it, but there are a number of things about it which I don't like. First off, its 10 mil, which is ALL my money, but I still have full rune and boots. Another thing, I really like the particular, but it takes the whole bar... which is bad. I really like how it looks, its a huge sword, and it creates a trendy woooosh sound when you attack. The thing I like about the whip is it's possible to use a defense, that means more shield! However, IT CANNOT TRAIN STRENGTH! And the special is quite iffy also.

The reason I purchased the saradomin sword is because it can train power, and that I don't need to perform monkey madness. The quest seems like I shall never complete it. If I sell my saradomin sword, I will make 200k off of it, so giving me around 10.3 mil or so. That means I might find a whip, and a zerker ring, great barrows place, and all the other good things. If I keep my saradomin sword, I would have to earn more cash to receive my barrows. What do you think I need to do? I truly need good suggestions and criticism. Thank you for your time and suggestions.

My coordinates are about 4 squares out of the ladder. Problem is there is one lesser demon which respawns there. I have the spot pretty much figured out however want approximately ten seconds to perform it. My probs are after some time I get low on food since the demon keeps respawning and then there is a rev that keeps showing up to strike me. What is the best strategy for this? 1)keep hopping low population(slow respawn) worlds to locate solo lower with no rev and work there? 2)find solo lesser without a toaster and lure lower outside gate and lock out? 3)If assaulted by rev if I run down ladder and try to hop worlds? I am able to bring anti-posion next time.

I am going to go with dragon de ++ second time and complete pray equipment. Bring 2 super energy pots and 2 prayer pots and sharks. Also likely to bring my prayer book and holy symbol to pray. I got teleblocked when I ran out of food and obtained posoned by spiders in kbd lair last time was fortunate I had two super enrgy pots. Thanks! I am performing Desert Treasure Quest and I'm about to go combat Kamil. I just wish to know if you guys think I am prepared and have the ideal stuff. I've already fought him once and died, so I don't wish to die . Well I know the way to aviansies, done it countless times with prayer in my pure, I understand genereally what to do when tanking just want to make sure. Avas accumilator(no additional cape that's better that I own;short of money ) Do u think I could make it? Ill take sharks and I received a dds... I will mage/range. I have mage lvl 62 and range lvl 60. Thanks in advanced. I recently got stuck on a treasure trail. Here is my first one so a am not that experienced...

Heres how the trail went: hint 1: (idk the specific words)it told me to proceed beneath the shantay pass's awning and perform a jig whilst wielding an air team, a bronze shield, and a snail helmet. And bow until you speak to me...--some man popped up and gave me another hint. Clue two: it showed a part of the world map that was really a portion of the clocktower. . In a box with the tower, I found the hint. I have talked to everyone in the desert with the title ali, and cheap RS gold I am completely lost,,, Please help!

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